Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aurora Johanna's update

Eating icecream
Enjoying her ballons
Anak manja ayah..
Lying down...ready to sleep
Sleeping sweet
Last few weeks I have been updating more about other people, my feelings, my work place and less entries about my baby. She is growing up well, weighs around 11 kilos..taller than other babies of her age..cuter..picky about food, but always opens her mouth wide for chicken or fish..spends less time sleeping in the afternoon and sleeps late at night..(yang ni tak tahan nih)..coz the mother's eyes will be blurry around 10 o'clock.

Besides her 'selimut bucuk' she keeps on adding her favourite things to be close to her including all her small pillows..her her ayah. We love u much.