Sunday, February 5, 2012


I was busy since Friday and will continue be busy till Sunday. My son came back Friday afternoon after Jumaat prayer bringing a friend. The hostel will be closed down for the whole coming week as it will be used for a Cricket games so the students were asked  to go home. It posed problems for the students who stayed far because just a week a ago they already went home for Chinese New Year break. My son's friend came to stay overnight at our house because that Friday afternoon he could not get a ticket home and the parents could not come to fetch him. Having  guests at home means I have to cook special dinner and breakfast to honour their stay. It was okay with me as long as they feel welcomed.

Saturday noon, after sending my son's friend to the bus station, we went for a wedding kenduri. It was my colleague's daughter wedding. On the way back, we dropped by my baby sitter's house to help out since her daughter is getting married the next day..means today. Actually Kak Nor used to take care my son and his sister when they were small..long time ago when we used to be neighbour's. I keep on contact with her and keep visiting her every time I could because I felt I owe her a lot when she looked after my children. She is kind and very helpful.

When we arrived at her house, it was all very quiet. It surprised me because a wedding which would take place next day would surely create crowd. There were only her and her daughter at home. Kak Nor greeted us quietly which was very odd because she is the loud spoken and happy kind of lady. I could feel the tension between her and the daughter. I knew she was not happy with the marriage because the guy the daughter is marrying is a jerk.. yes he is a jerk for he has been doing a lot of things which hurt his mother in law. Kak Nor is single mother who of course loves her only child..even the child never considers her feeling as mother. If I could speak to the daughter, I would say never marry any one without your mother's blessing. The mother who brought you up with so much pains and sufferings. Kak Nor does not have permanent job but could send the daughter to Uni, graduated and now is working with good salary. Even after so many advises the mother gave, she still continue marring this guy. I have been listening to Kak Nor's lamenting about her daughter's attitude for many times. And I feel bad for her because the daughter does not take heed to whatever she said.

So, today we went to the hall for the kenduri.  When it was the time for the bride's mother to"tepung tawar", Kak Nor refused to go to the "pelamin". Few times the emcee called her, still she did not make a move. I finished eating and went to the entry of the hall to ask her to go to the bride's wedding dais, still she refused to go. I could do nothing more. I felt sad for the bride but I felt sadder for the mother.

Tomorrow I will go to her house for another doa selamat kenduri even though she is supposed to send the daughter to the  boy's side "kenduri". She simply does not want to go...hmm. What a bad start for the beginning of a life journey between a couple. I just pray for the best.


  1. How difficult is the situation...yang satu pihak nak mulakan new life while the other one nak bagi restu pada yang tak dipersetujui...payah tu...

  2. I know..berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul...