Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time to unwind

School holidays has started. I am planning to take a few days off and go somewhere to have a short break since the children are at home. However I still have no idea of where to go. But first thing first. Tomorrow we going back to my father's house to visit him. I promised to bring him a new tv set so we will go and shop for it first then visit him.

Actually I just came back from a three-day course and I am happy to get back home. I missed my baby so much and to me it was worse than missing my husband..hehe. But it was true coz every single minute I was thinking about her. My baby..I love you so much..we all do..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New venture..

I have started baking..cupcakes..cakes..bread and chocolate making..on my own. I am aggressively looking for places to sell my products. I managed to get an supply bread to a school. I hope the product is good enough to attract buyers and I can sell more. My early response is very positive..they all liked all my bread and chocolates..and cupcakes.

I do hope I can do better and get a constant order to supply. It is my way to get extra cover my expanding release stress and to pursue something I enjoy..baking and cooking. This is my first time doing business and i do hope it runs smooth. I am not dreaming that my business will be successful within a short time but I am taking my time improving on my products and God day I will be successful and secure a good income. My retirement day will come..and I want to have a better future for my children. Thank You Allah for showing me the way..please guide me all along the way..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not feeling well..

For few days I have been coughing..started with painful sore throat. Few weeks before my son had it..then he passed the virus to his his sister and finally to he is okay but we are still having it..pity my baby to cough especially at night.

I have been busy running here..meeting there..meeting here. I am really looking foward to have a break and really eager to start my baking chores. This weekend we will go to KL again to buy the equipments. Hope I can start as soon as possible..I really want to..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aurora is 7 months!

Busy running here and there until i almost forgot today marks Aurora's 7 months birthday..Happy birthday my have brought me so much joys and happiness.My life is now complete when you come. Thank You much for this gift.

My son called just now. His sore throat has gone. He had gained back his original voice..not the rough and uncomfortable sound which he had for for nearly a month! He sounded happy since he was selected to represent the school for Science Carnival near here. Good my son..I know you will enjoy your new life in the new school.

As for me..I am slowly starting my business. I have gone for the getting the machines and other equipments. I hope I will success with my new venture. Please help me God to make it through..make me strong and energetic coz I know I need it. But mostly I need Your Guide and compassion. Thank You Allah.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting along fine..

It's nearly a month my son has moved to stay in's has been more than 3 weeks I have moved to the new working environment,new people. Some how life has been great for all of us. However we are busier than before. Weekends are full with visiting my son in hostel and doing cooking and cleaning the house. Since last weekend my son came back to spend the 3 days holiday at home, we decided to go to KL. I wanted to attend a chocolate making class in Seri Kembangan and at the same time bringing the kids all of us a break.

We checked-in in Grand Continental (I did not have time to check other hotels..and this hotel had been in our "best-choice" list long before) and the next morning after breakfast my hubby drove me to Seri Kembangan. Nothing unusual happen during the class but one thing that made me wonder is the attitude of one of the students there. I did not mind she calling me kakak even though she is much older than me but the one thing I could not tolerate is the selfishness. She came late..we were supposed to start at 10.30 a.m but she came 11.00 something so we had to wait for her. Another thing was she could have come on her own by taking cab but she asked the husband of the teacher to fetch her from the LRT station and sending her back the same way..Who is she to be given special treatment? I could come right on time even I stay hundreds of kilometers away compared with her just coming from Cheras?

Well..I should not spend my time thinking about her. I am not surprised because there are people like that every where and the older you get does not mean the wiser you will become...Just hope I will not be like that.