Tuesday, March 27, 2018


He is not only our pet..our cat..but more like a family member which I trully love. Never we keep a cat before..even I was worried that keeping a cat would trigger my asthma attack but somehow I survive. We feel happy looking at his action running here and there making our house a complete circle of home..a family wit a pet cat..Jacob.


My pet cat..

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Life is..

Life is...
A long track somewhere
which is..
our final destination.

Life is..
A test of patient and diligence
on how strong is
our faith to our Creator.

Life is...
a beautiful canvas
on which we put our talents
to design and to put color
of memories.

Life is..
a house in which
rooms are created
with lights or left dark
to suit or journey
to the afterlife.
The best Nasyid to show love to Prophet Muhammad SAW

Ya Nabi Salamun Alaik  Rabbani

                                                          Courtesy of You Tube