Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lost my mood...

My baby 

I am lonely. Idham has gone back to his collage and Ayuni has started her form 5 year away from home. Left me with Aurora and hubby at home. Aurora fills up her time with her toys..and toys. My hubby is busy with his newly acquired 'toy' which is more amazing than me. I am left with my house chores..doing my office work or just watching tv on my own. Most of the time feeling lazy and laying around. Lucky for me my baby is here to keep me busy.

I was told not to cook every day. Only two adults left and much of the food cooked was wasted..unfinished. So we resort to eating outside for dinner or just take away from mamak stall nearby. Truly I am bored eating outside food. I want to cook but nobody wants to enjoy my food. If Idham is around he would demolish my food like he has never eaten for several days or if Ayuni is at home she would accompany me in the kitchen chatting endlessly. At least I have someone to chat with..

This coming weekend we will travel to two different places to visit my children. At least  I will be busy rather than sitting at home doing nothing. With the old age catching up, money comes second. I need them more than ever.