Friday, November 16, 2012

Are You Happy?

Yesterday I checked my emails. Some emails are left unread because I was really busy. So I read them all. There was this email forwarded by my friend entitled Are You Happy?

I was captured reading the email and here are some lines which make me thinking and later I browsed the websites looking for articles of what happiness means in Islam.

"Being Happy is an attitude about life and each one of us must decide"

 "Being Happy depends on you!"

I agree. It is very much depends on you. It is the way you perceive yourself. You want to enjoy your existence in this world..then perhaps you should  try told  be happy..If you think that the world is unfair to you..and you choose to be sad..then..that's it. You will be sad forever. Allah is always fair. And each one of us will have our fair share of sadness and happiness. Its a part and parcel of being you..a mere human being who is always under Allah's Qadaq and Qadar.

As most of us have come to realise, happiness is that ethereal quality that encompasses contentment and peacefulness; it is the soft joy that causes our lips, faces and hearts to smile.   It is determined by faith in God and obedience to Him.  Thus happiness embodies the peace security and submission that is Islam.  The injunctions and regulations of Islam reinforce the happiness that comes from knowing God and they help to guarantee humankind’s happiness during life in this world.  However, Islam also emphasizes that the life of this world is nothing more than a means of attaining the Hereafter.  By following the guidelines of Islam it is possible to be happy while awaiting our eternal happiness.

Sometimes, in order to achieve happiness, people attempt to follow complicated paths; they fail to see the easier path that is Islam.  Happiness can be found in the solace that comes from being upon the truth.   It can be achieved by sincere worship, hastening to do virtuous, noble and beautiful deeds, and by performing acts of kindness or giving charity.  These things all have the potential to make us happy, every day, under any circumstances.  Even giving the smallest charity, in order to please God, can bring a smile to your face and a feeling of joy to your heart.

“And the likeness of those who spend their wealth seeking God’s pleasure while they are sure and certain that God will reward them (for their spending in His Cause), is the likeness of a garden on a height; heavy rain falls on it and it doubles its yield of harvest.  And if it does not receive heavy rain, light rain suffices it.” (Quran 2:265)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy as busy as bee..and Aurora turns 25 months old..

My love..

Year end..but for me work has no end. I have more work and they keep coming until I want to scream.....helpppppppppppp...whoaaa..that much work friend Mani asked. Ya much work until I can't go and visit you in Taiping tomorrow..hehhe..

Yes..I am busy until I forgot to update Aurora's 25 months birthday. Sorry dear..I will make it up later. I am stealing few minutes to update Aurora's development. Still she does not speak well. Just few words here and there. The work she utters every time she sees my car...carrr..clear and a bit strong difthong R....CARRR...hehe. Another quickly turns her head if she is not happy with something..and o..noo..amboi..orang puteh ke nih..Other words..ayah..nak..mak..ball..just..few words..

She is taller..fatter..her skin is so smooth and her checks are pink..and she stops sucking dummy.My husband put them away for good. She is very good reading our emotions and she too shows her mood very well. Now, while I am typing this entry, she keeps on pulling my hand away from the keyboard and pays attention to her.

Okay..that's all for now. Till then..

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The old story

My husband and our fruit of love..

I was cooking the late lunch today when my second child asked if we could go to night market near our house. Fine, I said. I was busy the whole week and spent very little time with family. My daughter has just finished her PMR exams and she needed to relax.

My husband was just fallen asleep but he woke up to bring us out. Pity him. Running here and there for us but he does not complaint nor he puts a face. That's one good thing about him. For me, he would go to the sky and picks up the moon and plucks the stars. He seldom says " I love u" to me but he does whatever it takes to make me comfortable, never complaints if I asked to eat out, never disturbs me if he sees me sleeping, and ever willing to help me with the house chores anytime. Not to praise him too much but that's the truth. When he was having dinner just now, I kept him company. I looked at his face and thought I was so lucky. He asked me why was I staring at him. I love you, I answered.

Well, I was a bit sidetracked to the original story. Something happened at the night market. Something which makes me thinking and remembering someone. We reached the night market around 5.30 p.m. We just wondered around and later I bought some drinks. I stopped to have a chat with the makcik selling the drink since I knew her quite well. My daughter suddenly said.. "Mom..look at there, in front of you. Abah.." I could not digest the word "Abah" until few seconds later. Yes, my ex was there too. I saw him..the second time after seven years. The first time was a few months ago..when we came face to face. I was dumbfounded at that first time but this time I saw him from far.

He looked unhealthy, he was limping (he has severe gout), and very poorly dressed. His hair has nearly gone and he was fatter, much fatter compared to the time when he was my husband. I felt nothing towards him now. After all the years have gone by, all traces of any feeling been washed out. I just felt strange seeing him. I just hope that he would be happy with his new life and new wife. He used to complaint that I was not good enough for him, so I hope this new lady brings him happiness. As for me, I am very happy and content with my life now. I don't care that he does not give money for the children. That's between him and Allah. The children are happy with their ayah and the ayah is also adoring them so much.

That's why I stared at my husband's face just now. I am so happy to be with you, my love. And thank you so much for lifted me up to the highest position ever in my life..of being your wife.

Thank You Allah..I am so grateful.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Year end mood..

So luv

 Time fast I could not believe that the year is reaching the end soon. The office has caught the busy mood swing..including me. However, somehow I managed to sit down quietly sometimes during the day and think.. My mind went wild..and one of the things that came into my mind is am I ready to die? In what way would I die? Illness? What kind? What about my kids? And so on..and so on. Thinking about the age is catching up every day with us...but still we do not do anything serious to prepare for the final day. Hmm..

Well, that was just a thought. Very soon I will celebrate my husband's too. I have thought of the present for him. I will buy it as soon as I  have money. As for my self, I don't expect him to buy anything expensive. We should save money. We have a big plan next year and Am is going to futher his study too.

Got to stop. Aurora wants to sleep. She is restless now.

Till then. Good nite.

Monday, October 8, 2012

To my dearest are Two Years Old..

The birthday 2 years
In ayah's arms..laughing.

Two days ago we celebrated Aurora's second birthday...just a simple cake to mark the day. My love, you have been with us for two most memorable years of our lives. Since you were in my womb, you have been loved dearly...and even more cherished every day since you came into my hand 6 Oct 2010. There is no word to describe how much you bring happiness into my life. I feel I am blessed every time I hug you. I could never thank Allah enough for giving me you, grant you health and blessing us... your mum, dad, sister and brother... a chance to enjoy your existence. May this happiness last forever..

We could not celebrate Aurora's birthdays with a party or presents. My son could not come back last week end and my elder daughter is on her last minute preparation for the PMR, starting tomorrow. We will do some thing to celebrate her birthday right after the exam is over and when the brother comes back.

My heart beats extra faster because my two children are sitting for their exams. I pray hard for their success. I could only pray. The rest is up to them.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have been thirsty for many days already. I drink a lot of water but still not enough. Never before I ordered two glasses of ice-lemon tea and finished both. This was the first time. I don't know what has happened to my body but I need water..I drink in the office canteen, I bought several bottles of mineral water to spare in my room..I even carry water bottles from home. However,I don't really want to eat. I have lost my appetite. Like this morning I skipped breakfast..but I drank a lot. Even that much water goes inside my body, still my lips cracked and bleed. The sign of lacking fluid but how come?

Last night around 11 o'clock I called up my brother who is flying today from Senai Airport together with his wife performing Hajj. I spoke normal at first but when I was asking for his forgiveness before his departure, I broke up..I cried. He too was trying hard to control his emotion but all of us, brother n sisters, can't help but to remember our mother who went to Mecca 12  years ago and passed away there..never come back. And now it his turn to go. To  have the chance to see her grave there but most important to perform Hajj, a must act as a Muslim..the fifth pillar of Islam. I asked him to pray for me and my husband to be given a chance to go there soon. Asked him to pray for my happiness and my children's success in their exams which are around the corner.

I hanged up the phone still sobbing and all night long I could not sleep well, thinking about him and my mother.

Dear brother, Muhd Azahari and wife Sis June..go and accept Allah's invitation to visit His home with much humble thought and gratitude ...and please come home safely with Haji Mabrur..I am so happy for both of you because clearly you are chosen..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday I had one of the most chaotic day at work. Luckily there were many people helped me to get things straight up. At the end of the day, all problems were taken care off but one. This 'perasan' person who always creates problems and spreads gossips. I had the urge to see this 'exasperating person' and bash her up. The only thing that stopped me was the thought that I was the most senior people around. I have to control my anger and my act. My boss is not around for a week so I have to take charge. I don't to create more havoc especially when my boss is not around.

I returned home with unhappy feelings. I was home late but still I managed to coak my husband to bring me and the children out. My head nearly burst with so many bees humming inside my brain. Late afternoon we went out. Just to wonder around the supermarket, ate, bought some t-shirts for Aurora, some veges and then we went home. Such a simple outing but at least my mind was clear. Before going to sleep, I vowed to take a day off the next day.

However, I still woke up around 5 a.m and cooked. And I still go to work.

And here I am in the office..scribble something.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closing the final chapter..

I am in deep thought. Since I received this sms last week. Somebody wants to buy my old house in Kuantan. I was surprised on how could she get my number. I have changed my phone number a countless times since I moved out from Kuantan. My mood of the day suddenly went sombre because the house symbolizes the  memories of my old and sad life..more than a  decade ago. The memories which I have managed to put behind my subconscious thought..the time that I wish I have never had. Unfortunately, I had.

The person asked if she could buy the property. She is apparently my neighbour's sister there. I apologized for I have abandoned the house for so long thus creates a lot of problem by leaving the unattended 'small jungle' in the neighbourhood. I asked for some time to think and to discuss with my hubby of the offer. Now I am still thinking.

I am sure of not going back there. I had the worst time of my life in the the town. I cringed the last time we went there..driving down the road and saw the crumbled house. I have started a new life here and I don't ever want to go back there. I had enough.

I have discussed with my boy since I would name the house after him. He too didn't want to stay there. The house was bought with my own money..and I am still paying near RM 1000.00 every month...for nothing. Never in my mind the idea of  leaving the house out of sudden..leaving all my furniture there..with only some possessions I moved to here. All because of the menace of one ex. The house has become my liability..and my source of many years of pain and suffering. I have to let it go.

Now, I have finally opened my heart to finally closing the sad chapter of my life. I have started afresh and I am happy now. Let's cut the last string that connects me with my ex-husband. We  have our own ways now..and I believe that sad chapter of my life has come to the end.

Good bye house..


Sunday, September 9, 2012

A late entry..My Love is 23 months!

My anak teruna and anak dara

My love..

On the way beraya..

The sisters..I think the younger sister will grow taller than the older sister..
Smiling..showing her teeth..near complete set

It has been more than a month I abandon my blog. Besides being so busy with life, with my family, work, with health problems..I just simply had no mood to write. Every day I tried my best to finish the house chores or sometimes baking projects..then without wasting much more time I quickly jump to bed. I wake up early every day so I need at least 5 hours undisturbed sleep. Aurora sleeps regularly at 10 p.m. I take the opportunity to sleep too. However if she does not sleep during the day time, she falls asleep earlier..around 8.30 p.m. It is better for me but the house would be quiet without her chatters. And finally I can watch other programme on tv..if she is around the tv would tune in to baby tv of disney I can memorize all the songs there..

      She eats a lot..getting heavier and taller. She eats any thing and every thing but not spicy thing of course. Once I tried to put in her rice a little bit of curry gravy..just to taste. She ate the rice a little, later refused. I just want her to be more adventurous in her diet..not like her dad. Very choosy. She still drinks her milk as usual. I am glad with that because some toddlers refuse milk after they take solid. I will try with some other food and see the reactions. She rarely falls sick, fever or flu. Her skin is so smooth and soft. Her cheeks turn red on hot day and I love to see that.

      She thinks her dad is hers alone. I cannot share her dad. She loves me, yes, but her dad is totally hers. Every time she sees me putting my head on my husband's shoulder, she would quickly making unhappy sound and immediately comes and pushes my head away..or my hand away from her dad. are so jealous..but I love you so much so I don't mind that. If it is other woman..that's another story.

     My two older children had sat for their trial exams. Ayuni got 5 As and 3 Bs...Bs for English (English?..what??), History and Islamic Knowledge ( what?? Islamic Knowledge). Hmm..she has to study harder then rather than looking at me typing my entry now...smiling yer..exam dah dekat..bila nyer nak study dik oi.. Idham also got his result..6 As and 1 B and 2 Cs...Cs? Yup, C for Chemist and Add Maths and B for Biology.. My son..please study harder..both of you. I just pray to Allah that they will score all As in the real exams...Insyaallah..

    Till then..

p/s  Hi LW and are both of you..Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin..


Monday, August 6, 2012

Aurora is 22 months old..

My love..
In towel after bath..while the elder sister lepak on the sofa..still in school uniform

Dah dibedak..sengih nampak gigi arnab dia..hehe

She is sleeping now. Her fever has gone...after 5 days. I cut her hair short. Not a nice cut though. She moved a lot..cried..very uncomfortable with the cut hair dropped to her body. We finished the task quickly. The result..her front fringe is somehow jagged..some too short. She looks like a real Chinese baby. However that was my best cut. If she could keep still, I would have done better.

I don't intend to write long..this is the only time I can write. There would be mountains of other chores waiting..

Till then..


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kak Anim

Aurora is not feeling well. Her fever has been lasting for 4 days already. After she took medicine ( an almost impossible task ) her fever dropped a bit but not even 4 hours later it came back. I am worried what would happen if I have to go back to work on Tuesday, have to leave her with the father since I had taken a day off last Friday. So we went to a kampong 10 km away to seek help from a regular village midwife. She did some jampi and massaged Aurora's small stomach a bit. She said it was full of wind. True because Aurora does not eat well these last few days.

Later, we dropped by Kak Anim's house not far away from there. Just to visit her and to see if she is alright. She is renting a small shabby 1 room quaters behind the local mosque. The husband was  away working, and there were some of her daughters at home making kuih raya. Actually Kak Anim used to be my gardener in my old office but even after I transfered to my new workplace I keep on contact because she is very dear to me especially after Aurora was born. She was the first to hold Aurora after she was delivered. She has no blood connection with us  but she is closer to me more than my own siblings. She has been very kind to me, to my kids and be a loving and caring  opah to Aurora.

She is not well, having fever more than a week. Still, she has to work. At her age she is supposed to rest at home, not working hard like now. She even takes small wages building or renovating house after finish working in the afternoon, still continue working even until late at night. I pity her..she is an old lady but has a strong will and determination to bring up her children until all of them finish school and some go to university.
However, I think it is high time for her to let the children take care of her and not the other way round. Sometimes, it irritates me seeing the her children never stop depending money wise on her. They  are supposed to let her relax and do something for her in return of all her hard work. She really wants to have her own house..if only I have a lot of money, I will build one for her.

I didn't stay long during our visit. I bought some tempeyek from her and gave her some money for Hari Raya coming soon. She cried..I cried. That money is not much to be compared to her kindness to us. It worths more to me..

Money is important, however kindness is invaluable.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The twelve day..

My children
Aurora..aksi tengok tv lepas makan kenyang..perutnya..lattt..hehe
Aksi bermalas-malasan..amboi anak dara ni..relax sungguh..

 I started the day as usual. However, today was different. My heart was heavy thinking that today, both my son and daughter were sitting for SPM and PMR trial exams. Both exams started today. I was worried about Am..he is poor in Bahasa Melayu whereas Ayuni is struggling in Maths and Science. They are siblings but they are different in almost everything..Am is good in Maths and Science whereas Ayuni the opposite. Ayuni is good in languages while Am poor in BM but excellent in English. Sometimes I asked him "Were you born in England? " Apasal BM teruk sgt?" I felt like wanting to cry ( ..the mother) every time I had to tutor him BM especially when doing essays. However his English is fluent..even I was suprised when sometimes he uttered bombastic English words.

In the office I prayed hard every time I thought about them. It was easier when I was sitting for tests or exams. I was not that nervous. Am called me the day before telling me that he was scared. I am scared more, I think. But the last words before he hang up I told him, " Am, do your best. I accept every thing as long as you had done the best. Mak sayang Am" He replied, "Am sayang mak jugak". is enough. You have my blessing my son. Ayuni..I dropped her at the school gate..she hugged me and asked me to pray for her. Of course my daughter. Every night I perform the Hajat prayer for you both. Love does not come only in words. Love has to be shown..with actions. If I could give  this world to you my children, I would gladly give it. Even if I have nothing else for  my self, I wouldn't mind because you are my world..everything else is come second.

Please Allah..listen to my pray. Show them mercy, show them the way to success. Grant them happiness now and forever. Make them be great muslims and show them the correct path.



Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan al-Mubarak is coming...

I am so happy and very eager waiting for the month to come. So happy because Allah let me live until now and will be able to perform the fast tomorrow. I have heard 2 of my acquaintances had passed away just before the Ramadhan. When will my turn come? Thinking about that makes me worry. I still haven't done much getting ready to face Allah. So, I am really happy Ramadhan is here. I am thinking to make use all the time I have during this month to be close to Allah. I will take all the opportunities to ask for forgiveness from Him.

I took leave today. I spent most of my time sleeping because I have been working so hard last few weeks. I played with Aurora, cooked and slept again. Feel relived to be away from office.

To all..please forgive me if I have done any wrong to you. Lets begin the fasting month with clean starting so we can perform our duty to Allah better.


Friday, July 13, 2012


I did one crazy thing today..I took part in 4x100 my age..with my cesarean tummy still raw..with my legs painful every time I are really crazy wut..

Well, we had our family day today. I was supposed to to be the VIP but then when they were looking for volunteer to complete a one wants... to no avail, out of sudden I just simply put up my hand. I was surprised looking at myself volunteering. Are you crazy? Crazy I was, I was the third runner of my team and we finished third. Not bad..considering the fact that I was competing with the younger generation runners.

When I took my seat next to the other VIPs later, I thanked Allah. Lucky I didn't fall down. If it happens, that will be no end of my husband's "letering" ( what is the English word for this eh? ). I went home safe and sound..say nothing to him..hehehe.

That would be the last..I will never try this again. However, now I know I still can run away from the neighbour's dog if he choose to chase me next time..huhuhu

Till then..


Sunday, July 8, 2012

My love is 21 months old...

This is the baby.."anak ayah". very close to her dad..sometimes I felt neglected. The way she clings to my hubby..kisses his hand, his face..really jealous!

Aurora Johanna..
She has spoken her first word..that is "mak"...yeaaaaa...I succeded. I won..she called me first rather than "ayah". was a memorable one. Because of that winning, my husband owes me a treat. I am so happy.."anak ayah" alright..however deep inside I am still important to her. I was worried before because I have been busy with work..neglecting her a bit. I am sorry my love. I will make it up later.

Till then..


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Bomb...exploded!

Surely some of you think I was the one who exploded today..but no. Not me..not yet maybe. Maybe tomorrow because the people I have waiting for since yesterday still didn't turn up for work today, sending me sms, informing me that they are having fever. Fine..I am still having my littlest patience..let's see tomorrow then. I am not going to bombard them..just want to ask them why are they taking advantage?

Yes...the Bomb I meant up there was finally exploded in my old office. Finally almost half of my old colleagues put down their signatures in a memorandum to the district bis boss telling him that they couldn't stand anymore working under the boss's supervision. That they have had enough, that they have a lot of stress working with the boss, that they need some help to cool down the aggressive fire rumbling down every single heart and soul of them..well, almost all actually because a number of the staffs still in favour of the boss there..the kipas-mati fans la tu..

Unfortunately, since that they are all "mentimun" and the boss is the stinking durian..they were all condemned by the boss AND  the district big boss who not only refused to listen to them, the majority, but taking side..and being very very unfair. Unfair because some of the memos contained reports which could not be denied even by the big boss. And today, my phone ringing with various calls and sms by my friends..few of them received transfer letters very early in the morning. The transfer takes immediate effect. 24 hours dismissal. The boss used all the power and pulled all cables to transfer them, without any reasonable reason..the only reason is the boss hates them...the boss forgets that they also hate the boss..intensely.

I was very down by this but I could not do anything. What can I do? I am also powerless to fight my ex-boss. I could just lend my ears. So almost few hours they called me. Even though I was very busy with my own chores, I listened. I am their friend. I understand.

To all the big bosses out there, remember this. You are also humans with mistakes and errors and weaknesses. None of us are perfect. In your own organization you are the boss, people need to follow orders without any complains. Please administer them with some considerations and a lot of humanity. Please be humble because your people are doing work for you. Without them you are nothing. And believe me, one day when you are no longer a are meaningless. You just wait.

The end.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Pheww...another week to go..

Oh my..oh my..why should my boss  go for two weeks? It has become a burden to me..I feel like taking a long vacation..I really can't stand dealing and handling people. I feel like running away..I don't want to go to work. I dread myself waking up from sleep and get ready to work..Please..I become depressed thinking that I have to face these people at God..please help.

Tomorrow I need to call several officers to come and see me. And they'd better come up with good excuses for behaving very unprofessionally and some are even acting like childish..playing hide and seek with me going searching for them all around the complex. My feet nearly killing me..and I was having a very difficult time catching up my breath. So, you'd better be prepared cause I will do something.

Finally, I understand why I don't want to the big boss. I am not having the patience a boss has to have.
Full stop. Dear Wut..let's retire soon if you still want to enjoy your gratuity and pension money..

This is my chubby toddler
The end..


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a little something..

Her lovely smile melts my heart..

I have been neglecting this blog for so long. I miss writing but other things need more attention. My workload never seem getting lessen..its the other way round. My boss is going away for two weeks means more burden to be dumped on my shoulder. Moreover, my asthamatic is getting worse..almost every night around 3 am I would wake up from sleep..can't breathe and I need to take my inhaler. Once last week I went driving alone around 1 am to go to the hospital to take inhaler there cause it was getting uncontrolled by my domestic inhaler. So, almost every morning I wake up feeling sleepy and tired. I am supposed to rest after taking inhaler but how? I need to wake up get ready to work...eventhough sometimes I felt like dozing off when driving early morning.

My love Aurora getting bigger. She likes to "talk"...bluberring alone..talking nonsense..hehehe..I am really looking forward to hear her first word uttered. I hope the word "mak" instead of "ayah". It becomes an obsession to me and my hubby that Aurora would choose "mak" or "ayah" to utter as her first word. Actually I wouldn't mind she would say "ayah" first..I love them both so much as they are very dear to me.

Till then..


Thursday, June 14, 2012

And I thought it is gone, but apparently..

Click to show "Question Mark" result 23

Busy as usual. We have to move and to work harder as the year is closing to the end. There are many programmes to do and some need  re plannings and I have to push them to make it true. Otherwise, our performance will go down and that is something I can't swallow.

My boss had asked me to replace him in an event. Much to my dislike because afternoon event would surely finish late, and some even up to 6.00 pm. However I followed the order. I took a ride in one of my subordinate's car. I was lazy to drive. Every thing was okay and we came out early because he had to pray and I was very hungry coz we had not had lunch before we go.

A little update on the office politics...things have gone quite nowadays but I never let down my guard. And I thought the tingling feeling in my heart has gone because I managed to avoid things..but today it proves I was wrong. It is still there and it disturbs my mind.

What should I do?

Please help..


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quiet again..

Am has gone back to hostel today. Suddenly everything seems so quite and slow. The lap top is free ( if he is around it would be a hot item), the kitchen is quiet too ( if he is around I would be busy cooking anything to his heart content) is back to normal again ( Ayuni finally can watch Malay dramas...Am does not share the same passion..he watches Anime) short I feel lonely.

Outside the birds are flying back to their is getting dark. Aurora is still sleeping..more to contribute to the silence in the house. I wish I could go back to my old time habit...cycling around the neighbourhood. However, since pregnancy, then delivered Aurora, my husband forbids the from getting close to the bike more to ride it. He does want me to fall and hurt myself.

Opps..Aurora has waken up. Time to play with her or if I can cajole my hubby, to go on a motorbike ride around the housing estate. Till then..


Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little update....Aurora is 20 months and her sister is 15 years old.

I have ignored the blog for so long. I had two long tiring journey this school holiday..going back to Kelantan and next traveled down to Johor to visit my dad.

We celebrated three important wedding Ayuni 15th birthday and last but not least Aurora turned 20 months.

It's quite late now and my eyes can't follow my order to stay opened. So here are the photos to say all the stories if not all. Till then..

On the way to Desaru...what a spectacular bridge!
Birthday gurl...main pasir
My brother and sister..

Senai Airport..Aurora dapat kaki
Senai Airport..

Rainbow cake for Ayuni's Birthday...Happy sweet 15 my loving daughter..we love you so much! home..try kasut ayah yer..hehe


Friday, May 25, 2012

Long way to go..

My 100 th Entry!

Picture from Google

School holiday has started. Meaning 'jalan time' for us. Sunday, we are going back to Kelantan for a kenduri..and on the second week of the school holiday we will travel down to brother's house. My father is staying with him and not feeling well so we thought this is the best time to start a long journey and spend some time with my other siblings. That is fair then..going to Kelantan (my husband hometown) first, then later to Johor to visit my family. I really hope Aurora will be fine with this travels..Pity her to be trapped in a small compartment for many hours. However we are going to take time to stop and get rest.

Actually I have a lot to say here..many things had happened this couple of weeks. My life at work seems working out just fine. I spend time doing my work  quietly in my room..just going out for breakfast and lunch. Most of the time alone. I feel better..and I don't feel lonely. I don't gossip much then..and I don't speak much too.

I  spent hours baking and browsing through the net to study cake decorating. Thinking of attending classes for the latter. I am looking for the suitable place to match with my limited free time. Aurora is more independent now so I can leave her for a while with my husband while me attending classes.

Hope every thing will work out and we are going to have a safe journey. Till then..

Net and LW..when will u both travel up..I am waiting..hehhe