Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The hard work pays..

I have been working hard to finish all my course works and my report...and studying for the final exam yesterday. And it was a relief.I did not know my grades yet but I am so happy the first phase of my course is over yesterday. My husband sent me here on Sunday late afternoon.I managed to study some of the notes given that night. Monday morning, I sat for the test. I was not 100% confident of my answers but at least I was not stuck because I could still recall some of the notes I have read and that helped me to answer the questions.

And later we had to send in all the reports and CDs of the report.I sent in all but I could see many of my friends were not in the same shoes.Some did not yet print the report, some did not burn the CDs, some did not bring all the things ...left at home and worse some did not even finish the report yet.Oh my God..if I was in their shoes, I would not be able to do anything.  I panic. And I would have a hard time listening to the harsh words by my course supervisors. Like my friend now.

Suddenly I was glad I had gone through all the hard time few weeks before. Somehow I managed to set my time doing all the homework given even though I had to stay up late every nights. I am glad all my hard work pays. I could sleep peacefully whereas some of my friends still facing the lap tops until now since the due date of all the course woks will be closed tomorrow.

Thank you my family for giving me support and motivation all the time I need . I love you.

Thank You Allah for helping me out every time I am in difficulties. You have given me so much and I have given back so little.

Till then.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 brains freeze..

I am studying hard for the coming exam next Monday. Finally last night I had uploaded my 55 pages report  + pictures + appendixes to the web. Done ! Before that we went down to town and had my report nicely bind into a mini thesis. Its over...Thank God.

Now I am revising..the more I read, the more I forget every thing..God..please help.

I was under the weather last few days...fever, cough and mild flu. The same with Aurora. Fortunately, we are okay now.Both of us have to be okay since I will leave my family for two more week this coming Sunday. I pity Aurora. I have been so busy..sometimes I regret my decision taking up for this course. Now I have no choice..I have to proceed.

My son had finally chose  UniKL. Got the offer letter for Machine Building and Maintenance course. I hope he will be happy doing that because he himself made the choice.The only thing we, the parents, have to do now is to prepare the money..which is a lot.

I have to continue studying...

Till then.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Postponed entries

Well, it has been a long time. Actually I didn't intent to write tonight but I could not enter the web based learning for my course, so I turned my mood into updating my blog. Let me make it into point form to sum it.

1)     My son scored 6As 3Bs in SPM. In detailed results...A for BM, English , History, Islamic Knowledge, A+  for Maths and Add Maths, B+ for Biology and Physics and B for Chemistry. Our I am happy. The subjects that he scored Bs are the subjects taken when he was having high least he passed. I was scared he might fail those. The Dad..not really happy. He expected that his favourite son scored better. Well..after discussion we decided (not 100% decided actually) to send him doing his dream at GMI. My...I got stomach cramp looking at the tuition fee only...some more heart cramp looking at the other fees. Hmmm.. We will make the final decision after we visit the Jom Masuk U Campaign at KK this coming weekend.

2)    My girl Anduk.  Happy now. The Dad is not. He is contemplating to bring her out if she could not follow studying at hostel. He is scared that Anduk will be like her brother. I said, they are two different individuals. He replied...wait till the end of the year,then. Hmm..

3)    My course/my work/my office. That are the reasons I have no mood, no time, not happy to blog. They took most of my time. If not doing my office work,I would do my course work..and believe me they would never finish. Now I am further in debt of more course works..doing a report of more than 40 pages after I'd finish doing  a field work in other office. A big and heavy burden on my shoulder. I can't stand it...feeling like screaming like mad ...but quickly I think and thank Allah for giving me strenght..If not for them, I would have collapsed. Thank You Allah...You give me challenge..and only You can help me out. Please help...

4)    However, there are several things that make me happy and content amid the stress I have now. Among them:-
       a) crawling to bed with Aurora after feeling so tired doing assignment. Watching her sleeping peacefully..kissing her uncovered hand, stomach, forehead and smell her fresh shampooed hair..then laid my tired body down..happy and content to be next to her..
       b) kiss and get kissed on the forehead by my husband before going to office.
       c) once in a while received a call or sms from Anduk..and she would end them by saying "Sayang Mak..muah..muah" and I would reply the same..
      d) be at home..watching Idham at the computer or watching tv with him ( me putting my head on his shoulder)...

All that for me are happiness..and I want no more and expect no less. Thank You Allah. So much.