Friday, August 9, 2019


                                                                    Into the oblivion 

He is gone into the silence mode ..again. The third time..may be a longer silence this time. I am tired of this childish act. Please let me out.

Many time I wondered, what has happened to me? Why am I feeling like this? Is this some kind of test? me..

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The missing two months..June and July..

Those two months passed with so many stories..some happy, some new and exciting and many....many sad moments.

As to are some musics and songs all along the two months journey...

                                          Hijab Kekasih  (M.Nasir)         Courtesy You Tube

Godaan Rindu (Rafeah Buang) Courtesy You Tube

                                            Pengorbanan (Sharifah Aini ) Courtesy You Tube

                                        Cinta luar biasa (Andmesh) Coutesy You Tube

                                          Mengapa ( Rafeah Buang ) Courtesy You Tube


Since after Eid my room air condition unit does not work. I talked to many personels in this office about this matter..still to no avail. During Friday morning meeting I spoke..for many Fridays..still did not work. They talked about allocation..not enough money..whatsoever..still no improvement. I do not care, whatever money, excuses about stupid SOPs...I JUST WANT THE BASIC facility..air condition..because I can not work here. Even the clerk can not do work when there is no air condition, what more about me? I am one of the officer who hold the highest position in this office, and they dare to ignore my need. Stupid lot!

So, just this morning I told the boss directly in the meeting..the third time in 3 months. I am angry and I want action. Don't give me promises and stupid crap about money and all. I do't care and I do not want to know.

Since that Friday, I did not come in my office. After I clocked in, I went straight to my car and drove off to the next office. Together with my friend I ventured to all schools..still doing my work but never set foot again to the office. I could not do mind was heart was hurt. I know I am no body here, but at least give me the same right that is to have a comfortable place to work.

And now, after 2 weeks complaining and created a heady scene that Friday, finally I am sitting inside my room with cooler air condition. Thank God.