Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a little something..

Her lovely smile melts my heart..

I have been neglecting this blog for so long. I miss writing but other things need more attention. My workload never seem getting lessen..its the other way round. My boss is going away for two weeks means more burden to be dumped on my shoulder. Moreover, my asthamatic is getting worse..almost every night around 3 am I would wake up from sleep..can't breathe and I need to take my inhaler. Once last week I went driving alone around 1 am to go to the hospital to take inhaler there cause it was getting uncontrolled by my domestic inhaler. So, almost every morning I wake up feeling sleepy and tired. I am supposed to rest after taking inhaler but how? I need to wake up get ready to work...eventhough sometimes I felt like dozing off when driving early morning.

My love Aurora getting bigger. She likes to "talk"...bluberring alone..talking nonsense..hehehe..I am really looking forward to hear her first word uttered. I hope the word "mak" instead of "ayah". It becomes an obsession to me and my hubby that Aurora would choose "mak" or "ayah" to utter as her first word. Actually I wouldn't mind she would say "ayah" first..I love them both so much as they are very dear to me.

Till then..


Thursday, June 14, 2012

And I thought it is gone, but apparently..

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Busy as usual. We have to move and to work harder as the year is closing to the end. There are many programmes to do and some need  re plannings and I have to push them to make it true. Otherwise, our performance will go down and that is something I can't swallow.

My boss had asked me to replace him in an event. Much to my dislike because afternoon event would surely finish late, and some even up to 6.00 pm. However I followed the order. I took a ride in one of my subordinate's car. I was lazy to drive. Every thing was okay and we came out early because he had to pray and I was very hungry coz we had not had lunch before we go.

A little update on the office politics...things have gone quite nowadays but I never let down my guard. And I thought the tingling feeling in my heart has gone because I managed to avoid things..but today it proves I was wrong. It is still there and it disturbs my mind.

What should I do?

Please help..


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quiet again..

Am has gone back to hostel today. Suddenly everything seems so quite and slow. The lap top is free ( if he is around it would be a hot item), the kitchen is quiet too ( if he is around I would be busy cooking anything to his heart content) is back to normal again ( Ayuni finally can watch Malay dramas...Am does not share the same passion..he watches Anime) short I feel lonely.

Outside the birds are flying back to their is getting dark. Aurora is still sleeping..more to contribute to the silence in the house. I wish I could go back to my old time habit...cycling around the neighbourhood. However, since pregnancy, then delivered Aurora, my husband forbids the from getting close to the bike more to ride it. He does want me to fall and hurt myself.

Opps..Aurora has waken up. Time to play with her or if I can cajole my hubby, to go on a motorbike ride around the housing estate. Till then..


Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little update....Aurora is 20 months and her sister is 15 years old.

I have ignored the blog for so long. I had two long tiring journey this school holiday..going back to Kelantan and next traveled down to Johor to visit my dad.

We celebrated three important wedding Ayuni 15th birthday and last but not least Aurora turned 20 months.

It's quite late now and my eyes can't follow my order to stay opened. So here are the photos to say all the stories if not all. Till then..

On the way to Desaru...what a spectacular bridge!
Birthday gurl...main pasir
My brother and sister..

Senai Airport..Aurora dapat kaki
Senai Airport..

Rainbow cake for Ayuni's Birthday...Happy sweet 15 my loving daughter..we love you so much! home..try kasut ayah yer..hehe