Sunday, April 10, 2016

Busy like a bee..

Hi long I abandon you..But life goes on, am trying hard to keep up..daily routine, my family, my effort to have some free time for my writing which sometimes sadly taken over by fatigue. Trully I need rest more than anything because without it, I certainly could not perform my various duties. So, my free time is mostly fill up by dozing off quietly in my bedroom. Sometimes, on my way to fall asleep, I could hear my hubby hushed Aurora telling her..." mummy asleep, be quiet". Or sometimes I opened my eyes a bit to see him putting blanket over me, or adjusting the aircond temparature so that I could rest peacefully. With that, I know he cares and loves me eventhough I overlooked him, assuming that he could take care of everything since now I am busy..I am sorry Bius..and thanks so much..I love you..again and again..until we both grow old together.

My children are busy too..Ayuni is sitting for her final exam..Am is doing his practicum..and Aurora is ecouraged and pushed hard by me to learn to read. A very hard task because her mother is losing patience easily..

Here some of recent photos of us..

Have a good weekend everybody..

With Auntie Mani


Roller Blade..

Her cat toys..

Like a pro..

A soft spot on her dad..