Friday, October 16, 2020

A hint?

 During the meeting this afternoon, my unit head had made a decision that I should step down from being the senior partner of SIP+ and let Madam K take my place.

I was stunned. I felt degraded but he said that I should let my processor to practice coz in one year I will retire. I know I will retire but I think I still can lead.. More that 12 months to go and I still can do my best.

I am sad. He can't wait for me to slowly let go, he wants me to let go immediately. 

Yes.. I will go. It seemed I am not important any more. I wish one year will go fast. I will go quietly. 


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Happy Birthday My Love..

 My love.. For the last ten years were the best years of my life..

You are the gift from Allah for me after many years of waiting.. I had almost given up that we could have a child and had always wondered that we could never see the face of our baby forever after two miscarriages before.,

Finally when you came as if Allah had granted me my wish to come true and forever I thank Allah for giving me you, my love.. 

Happy Birthday.. You are 10 years old now.. Thank you Allah.. Thank you..

Till then..