Wednesday, October 30, 2019

To unlove someone..

  I read from Elite Daily..about how to unlove someone..
  It says..

  You unlove another  because you remember to love yourself. Because in those moments when you      put him first and he forgot to do the same, you remember to put yourself first. You CANNOT love      someone in place of loving yourself and you CANNOT love someone who will never love you            back.

 If it happens, it will hurt, you will have to unlove the person, love yourself and then start from the   beginning.

 To unlove someone is a struggle. it is going against the current; it is fighting the natural flow of your   emotions. It is going against everything your heart wants; it is struggling to adhere to every move   you want to take.

From Google 

  I am surviving...


Friday, October 25, 2019

La Tahzan..

Ever since that event, my mind is slowly, painfully tuned to my normal life.

I kept doing my usual tasks..still going every where..trying my best to help my clients, talked, joked..laughed..all but still when I am my the car, I cry or at least think..and be sad. Nevertheless, I make sure all my tasks are completed accordingly..

This grieving process making me thinking a lot..on people around me..on my reasons of existence..on my future..on my feeling..on the way I look at the nature of my eternal destiny ..on the way I show my faith to Allah's fate.

I have decided to let go..

However hard I tried to maneuver my have worked my best to get what ever I pray diligently on things I want to achieve..BUT Allah is The Greatest Planner..

I have decided..after I have done my best, I would just follow what had actually decided upon me on the  Loh Mahfuz, my Book Of Decrees..

I would simply let Allah Decides..

And I keep on listening to this song...

Truly I miss HIM so much..

From You Tube

Oh Allah, set right my faith which is the safeguard of all my affairs,
And set right for me my world affairs wherein is my living,
An set right for me my hereafter on which depends my after life,

And make my life a source of abundance of every good,

And make my death a source of protection for me, protecting me from every evil,
Oh Allah! Make the best part of my life the end of it,

And the last of my deeds the best one,
And the best of my days, the day I meet you,

Oh Allah! I ask of you the best whilst living,
And ask for a good death,
And not a shameful or embarrassing return,

                                         And forgive me Allah for I have sinned..forgive me..

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I am not healed..yet

Google Image


 I braced my self and off to the office..hers.

 Spoke for 2 hours...and all the time,  I looked and stared at the person closest to him..trying to read   and to understand..

 I keep telling my self, she is kind..and pretty..and I am the opposite. She has the right..every right ....and I don't have..none what so ever..

 I thought I was strong enough..but driving back home, passed by his house and saw his car in the garage..I broke down...crying hard..all the way home. Went into the to swallow my sound of weeping and sobbing..

 And I spent the whole day crying and crying...until early the next morning..

 I could not take it any more..I prayed really hard to Allah..."Allah The me please..please heal  my  pain...I could not be like is so painful..please"

 Mysteriously, almost immediately I stopped crying...

 "Robbi Dholamtu Nafsi Faghfirli"
  Allah, I have wronged my self, please forgive me...

Friday, October 18, 2019

Time heals..

It has been nearly 2 months..
My heart breaks..still..
My mind keep on playing the same old stories..conversations..expressions..the happy time and then the saddest moments..and then now..the misery

However, as time has passed..the pain is not really that intense
Even  though it is very much in my mind but I am trying my best to move on...

I am missing.. a lot..and I know it is the same with the other half..

Let's us suffer..let's enjoy the suffering because this is what we expect to happen long before every thing starts, at least my self.. I know..the only thing I had never expected is the pain..

To Allah I give myself fully..He holds my life journey..
He will heal me..

I have only HIM.

From Youtube

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My baby is nine years old...

Aurora ..

There are so many gifts I have received
in my whole life

However, the best ever I have received,
is the one from Allah The Al-Mighty
The one who had celebrated her ninth birthday
last week.

Happy Birthday dear Aurora.
We all love you so much.

Thank you for being the source of my happiness
all through out the years of
my life...