Monday, August 6, 2012

Aurora is 22 months old..

My love..
In towel after bath..while the elder sister lepak on the sofa..still in school uniform

Dah dibedak..sengih nampak gigi arnab dia..hehe

She is sleeping now. Her fever has gone...after 5 days. I cut her hair short. Not a nice cut though. She moved a lot..cried..very uncomfortable with the cut hair dropped to her body. We finished the task quickly. The result..her front fringe is somehow jagged..some too short. She looks like a real Chinese baby. However that was my best cut. If she could keep still, I would have done better.

I don't intend to write long..this is the only time I can write. There would be mountains of other chores waiting..

Till then..


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kak Anim

Aurora is not feeling well. Her fever has been lasting for 4 days already. After she took medicine ( an almost impossible task ) her fever dropped a bit but not even 4 hours later it came back. I am worried what would happen if I have to go back to work on Tuesday, have to leave her with the father since I had taken a day off last Friday. So we went to a kampong 10 km away to seek help from a regular village midwife. She did some jampi and massaged Aurora's small stomach a bit. She said it was full of wind. True because Aurora does not eat well these last few days.

Later, we dropped by Kak Anim's house not far away from there. Just to visit her and to see if she is alright. She is renting a small shabby 1 room quaters behind the local mosque. The husband was  away working, and there were some of her daughters at home making kuih raya. Actually Kak Anim used to be my gardener in my old office but even after I transfered to my new workplace I keep on contact because she is very dear to me especially after Aurora was born. She was the first to hold Aurora after she was delivered. She has no blood connection with us  but she is closer to me more than my own siblings. She has been very kind to me, to my kids and be a loving and caring  opah to Aurora.

She is not well, having fever more than a week. Still, she has to work. At her age she is supposed to rest at home, not working hard like now. She even takes small wages building or renovating house after finish working in the afternoon, still continue working even until late at night. I pity her..she is an old lady but has a strong will and determination to bring up her children until all of them finish school and some go to university.
However, I think it is high time for her to let the children take care of her and not the other way round. Sometimes, it irritates me seeing the her children never stop depending money wise on her. They  are supposed to let her relax and do something for her in return of all her hard work. She really wants to have her own house..if only I have a lot of money, I will build one for her.

I didn't stay long during our visit. I bought some tempeyek from her and gave her some money for Hari Raya coming soon. She cried..I cried. That money is not much to be compared to her kindness to us. It worths more to me..

Money is important, however kindness is invaluable.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The twelve day..

My children
Aurora..aksi tengok tv lepas makan kenyang..perutnya..lattt..hehe
Aksi bermalas-malasan..amboi anak dara ni..relax sungguh..

 I started the day as usual. However, today was different. My heart was heavy thinking that today, both my son and daughter were sitting for SPM and PMR trial exams. Both exams started today. I was worried about Am..he is poor in Bahasa Melayu whereas Ayuni is struggling in Maths and Science. They are siblings but they are different in almost everything..Am is good in Maths and Science whereas Ayuni the opposite. Ayuni is good in languages while Am poor in BM but excellent in English. Sometimes I asked him "Were you born in England? " Apasal BM teruk sgt?" I felt like wanting to cry ( ..the mother) every time I had to tutor him BM especially when doing essays. However his English is fluent..even I was suprised when sometimes he uttered bombastic English words.

In the office I prayed hard every time I thought about them. It was easier when I was sitting for tests or exams. I was not that nervous. Am called me the day before telling me that he was scared. I am scared more, I think. But the last words before he hang up I told him, " Am, do your best. I accept every thing as long as you had done the best. Mak sayang Am" He replied, "Am sayang mak jugak". is enough. You have my blessing my son. Ayuni..I dropped her at the school gate..she hugged me and asked me to pray for her. Of course my daughter. Every night I perform the Hajat prayer for you both. Love does not come only in words. Love has to be shown..with actions. If I could give  this world to you my children, I would gladly give it. Even if I have nothing else for  my self, I wouldn't mind because you are my world..everything else is come second.

Please Allah..listen to my pray. Show them mercy, show them the way to success. Grant them happiness now and forever. Make them be great muslims and show them the correct path.