Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi blog,

We just came back from Bagan Datoh..visiting Anduk there. Yesterday my husband picked me up from Genting Highlands and straight we went to have late lunch in KL. Later we decided to have a look at the place where Idham supposed to study for the next 3 years. UniKL in Bandar Baru Bangi. It was just a small uni in a quite  calm and peaceful location. However, the place is complete with facilities which make me quite happy. Then we started home. It was a bad decision. KL was jam-packed with cars of people headed home and or back to their kampong since that tomorrow will be the polling day.

My husband was very and out the highway and driving as fast as he could so we can get home. We were thinking to stay in Rawang but since we had to visit Anduk today, my husband pushed himself to the limit. Finally we arrived home around 1.30 am. I went straight to bed.

Today, we went out quite early since we expected there would be many cars on the road. True enough. Even Bagan Datoh which is a very small and sleepy town turned out to be hectically busy with  people driving all around the kampong roads for the last day of campaigning for their parties. It was very busy but I enjoyed looking at the flags with a variety of colours and sizes adorning the roadsides.

Today I really  abandon my course works. I know I have to finish them fast since another long report is on the way. I just want to let go my stress. may be I start doing them tomorrow...if I remember. Hehe..
But then, one thing never leave my mind and keeps me thinking and thinking..I wonder what is happening to me...let it be then.

Till then.