Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A short holiday for Aurora..

Last week I was called to attend a course for 4 days and three nights in Malacca. I started on Monday and ended up on Thursday. That weekend we were supposed to send my girl for her third semester registration in UiTM Shah Alam but I did not like the idea of sending her on Sunday, drive back to Perak on the same day, and the next morning drive down to Malacca. It would be costly and tiresome. After some arrangement we decided to send her on Monday and later drive straight to Malacca. However the problem was the baggage. My daughter brought a lot of things to live in the hostel for at least 6 months and I needed to bring my bags,my husband's bags and of course Aurora's too. I could not leave my hubby and Aurora at home because for the last few weeks she had been coughing at night due to asthmatic and I did not trust my husband to take care of her alone. Somehow my husband managed to push all the bags inside the car and there we went.

After registration and the process of carrying all her baggage up the second floor of her hostel was over, we drove down to Malacca. The moment I saw her last waving hands when the car turned at the corner,I could not help it but cried my heart all out. It was the same every time. I feel sad because she is my closest company at home, chatted continuously entertaining me and helping me a lot in house chores. Now she is far away ( my husband said..far? )."Ya la..far is only the distance but actually I feel lonely without her company in the kitchen at home."

We arrived at the hotel,checked in and rested. It was a big and comfortable room for three of us with a nice bed. In the afternoon until night I attended the course while my hubby and Aurora stayed in the room or spent hours in the pool. The second and third nights,we went out sampling the food and the most important dish that I desired to taste was the assam pedas of course.

It was a nice holiday for Aurora.Her wishes of spending time in the pool finally came true.I was thankful for the free use of hotel room and at least a good saving for the money which I need the most now since Am is registering for his degree course next week. Whew...I need to save for him too. May Allah grant me the best health for me to perform my various duties as an officer and a mother.

Till then..