Thursday, January 7, 2021

The final...

                                    From the YouTube.. 

 I have no new wish for the new year.. I am just glad that the days had passed faster that I had hoped.. Allah is helping me to fill up my days with activities and my nights are spent on reciting Quran..reading..and sleep. Till I wake up early and prepare to go to work. 

True, I am sad.. Still sad, still cry but I know Allah is listening and my wound is healed slowly.. I mean I do cry but not  that much and I can stand up straight and move.. Every time the memory comes, I let my mind wonder but I quickly tell my self.. You cannot control people.. So don't let people control you.. You are the master of your heart but  Allah owns all the hearts of His servants.. Let Him decide anything.. Let's the wound bleed until all the blood dried the time that passed, one day you will be healed.. 

Let the time rolled on.. And in 11 months I will be free and I will cut all the strings that attach me to this painful memories..