Thursday, May 22, 2014

Laksa Kg Tebuk Yan..a plate of deliciousness and an act of kindness.

Plain looking laksa..but trust me it was very good. At least to my taste.

Last Monday at my work place, while busying running here and there finishing my chores, out of sudden I had an eat something sour and tasty. At that moment I remembered someone posted on my husband's wall in FB, a laksa shack in Kg Tebuk Yan in Pantai Remis Perak. It was mentioned as to be very tasty and worthwhile the drive all the way from here..some 100 over km. I must be crazy..and my husband must be crazy too for he managed to be coaxed to join my craziness..The time showed nearly 3 o'clock in the noon and by the time I reach home, getting ready to start the journey, it would be very late. Yup...we started from home at almost 4 o'clock and the worst thing was we did not have any idea where the laksa shack was located...and yes, we took our chance..driving over 100 km for something unsure.

We reached Pantai Remis nearly 5.40..bought some fresh seafood there and asked around the location of the laksa shack. My thought that if the laksa was delicious enough, surely people over there would know the place. True enough, the boy we asked knew the place and agreed that the laksa was actually good and very famous. He gave us the route and we quickly drove there. 

It was around a 5- minutes -drive from the small town of Pantai Remis, turned into a small road of Kampung Tebuk Yan, drive along the  oil palm trees and after 3 minutes we saw the shop. Nobody could guess that there was a shop there because it was a very quiet road and not many houses around. We slowed down and I could see it was closed already. And I saw somebody gave a signal that business was over that day. I was quite unhappy. We have traveled far..

My husband stopped the car and went out to ask. He came back a few seconds later and asked us to come out too. The boy to whom my husband talked to was too kind and offered us to have the laksa even it was over their business time half an hour before. I was speechless because never I came across people took the trouble entertaining late comers. 

So we watched the two boys took out the bowls..grated the ice to make us ABC, watched them moving  inside the house to reheat the broth..cut onions..chilies...lettuce..and came to us bringing the food. I had my first taste of the broth. was no was one of the tastiest laksa broth I had ever fact it was the best. And the kindness showed by one of them by keeping  us company while we were enjoying the food making it double the taste. Frankly I salute the boy..a UiTM student on his semester break helping his mother selling laksa. Very down to earth..polite and friendly.

After eating, my husband wanted to pay for the food. I was again stunned and was at aw when the boy said " Ibu kata tak payah bayar..sedekah" My husband insisted to pay but he still refused. I lost my words. I could only said thank you. Really from the dept of my heart. Good people with good service and good food hardly come along your way and when I came across one, I was thankful enough for I think an act of kindness is actually a rare gem and I am glad to meet one. 

We went home feeling happy. My rezeki was on that day and I am glad we made the journey. It was worthwhile. Thank you Nabil and his mum. Thank you so much.