Thursday, December 27, 2018

December is going away..

I am sitting alone here with my mind wondering around. I have finished my task, completing my file for next year. I am just waiting for my partner to finish his part of the report and then to put it on the boss's desk and that it is.

My husband is at the school coop buying books for Aurora. She changes school. The new school is quite far from home and is along a busy road. I am worried but we have no choice. The previous school was not complimented with Aurora's academic and  physiological  development. I have many comments about the school administration, but let them be..Some people cannot change even they are getting old. Attitude and attributes are two distinctive problems that are challenging me in my work. So we had a long discussion about it and decided that Aurora had to move out to prevent any conflict with my job.

Anduk is sitting for her exam and Am had finished his. They will both continue to the sixth semester and then for a year and half to finally graduate. Am is doing his best to help me with his  and Anduk's personal expenses. I am very grateful for his help. He told me that he wants a new hand phone because the one that he is using now is nearly broken. I told him to save money but still he offers me some of his saving for his sister. I pity my children. I am not rich and they know that. That's why they are doing part time jobs any time they can just to make end meets. I just hope in the nearest time possible, while I am still healthy and alive I can give them ease of having to work hard for money. They are good kids. And I cannot thank Allah enough for His blessing, giving me bighearted children despite my unhappy yesteryear's.

Schools will reopen in few days time. I will be busy in the coming months. By May I will be alone since my partner will retire that month. I wonder who will be my new partner and who ever he/ she is we will be able to work as professional as possible. I will be sad saying goodbye to my colleague as he is very good in his job, teaches me many new things, new approaches and a very good listener to my lamenting. We spend many hours discussing our tasks. I am very comfortable with his presence so much so I do not mind dozing off few minutes after lunch in front of him...hehehe. I will surely miss him as my partner and also will miss his intelligent talks which I respect so immensely.

Dear Allah The Al-Mighty God..let the time passes quickly. I also want to retire soon. I want to spend time making my family happy. I want to spend more time with You. I know the coming years will not be easy but please help me to go along the days with your blessings..aminn

Homework during the holiday..recite the multiplication table..then drawing

                                                        Finally..cats every way possible..

Till then..Happy New Year all