Friday, June 19, 2020

Counting starts..


                                                      Image from Google..

Schools are the the office is in the full swing. Visiting schools bringing the instruments to check on the readiness to welcome the students back were tiring and sometimes causing headache and uncomfortable feelings. I am not supposed to go and visit school administrators with some instruments and certainly not in my JD to check on them. However, since my boss asked me to do so and elected me as the head of the group, I had no choice but went.

Well, to most schools' administrators I am cordially welcomed anytime, but one. This school or a Form 6 Collage to be precise,  the strong headed collage Director was an arrogant and not so clever person. He was well known as the "SOP MAN". However, during this visit, he does not follow any of the SOP given for school reopening. He could only boast but apparently does nothing. Nothing until I had no choice but to give the lowest score for the instrument that is 0.

The sad thing is, I have to go again to visit him next week. What an unpleasant feeling. Hate to meet a person who brags and brags but in the inside knows nothing, does nothing but say many things.

And I had written and presented the letter to my boss. He was not happy and at first he did not want to approve. I told him, I was not happy too. Not because of him, but because my time is up. I have to leave and I want to leave. With little time left, I want to make my self happy. My self. He agreed. Now the only thing left is to fill up the forms..and start counting. Start from 1 July this year..

                                  19 months to go...

Till then..