Wednesday, August 26, 2015

After 3 times...

I had been working hard on something.. with a lot of effort to no avail. So long..and so much trouble but it was fruitless. This recent episode of my life making me sad and down. So much sadness and frustration due to the amount of hope and time spent on but apparently all gone to the trash bin. I have been worried and thinking and planning of what could I do more to secure my wish. Then, it is all in Allah Qada' and Qadar.

I slowed down. After 3 times trying, so much so, it must have meant that Allah is trying to tell me something. Trying to show me that whatever I have been working on was not good for me.That Allah has another plan for me, that He is showing me the correct path and decides on something which is much much a better option and the best solution to my problems. Trully, I did performed a lot of Solat Hajat and Tahadjjud  for this wish but Allah knows better. And after 3 times trying hard,I gave up.

I told my self that I had done enough and I had enough of this. Its time I let it go. As Your servant I cant do anything not even lifting a  finger if You says no. I did my best so I am redha to your Qada' and Qadar. Only to You I depend on and only You bestows me any rezeki if it is mine at the end.

Ya Allah, aku bertawakkal padaMu...

Till then..