Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday My Son...You Are 18 today

I have finished packing and now is our lunch and Jumaat prayer break. I have ample time to write the entry of my son's 18-years-old birthday. Last night there was no internet access.We came back late from our group discussion and later had our supper outside. My friend drove us outside the complex and we had a nice chat and came back around 12.00 midnight.

My family will come to fetch me around 6 p.m.My husband has  to drive to Teluk Intan to get Anduk first and later drives down here to get me. Its a long way...up and down. But then, what can we do. Later, we will go to KL to celebrate my son's birthday. The 18th.

The first phase of my six months course will end around 5.00 p.m today. I am excited to go home for three weeks and I will continue the course by doing some research ...doing a report...using the website to answer many and many assignments, quizzes...forums...reports again..exams..continue with attending 2 more weeks of lecture here..and exam some more and that's it. By July 15, we should be able to graduate with a diploma. My's a short course with a loootttt of work.

I sent Idham a message last night before I went to sleep..

Happy Birthday manja are 18 yrs old now..a young man..caring and compassionate..clever and smart..humble and kind son of mine..since you were in my womb I have love you..still love you ..and will always love you forever..In my pray you are always prayed and I hope Allah will grant you and afterward..You have given me so  much joy and I am blessed to have you. It's because in my world you are my sun..and your shine lights me up every time I feel dark. happy Birthday sayang mak..I love you so much...

It was a long message..but he simply replied Tq..mak.. Am...Am..memang la anak mak ni "a man with a few words.." Hehe..

Happy Birthday Am...

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