Monday, July 29, 2013


I have been neglecting my blog for so long.I can't even describe how busy I was last few months. To my friends in this blog, I am so sorry for not reading your blogs or to give comments. I am still very much alive running my family, my course works, my kids, my office and myself. Here are the updates:

a)   On July 12 my course had officially ended. I managed to pull out to the last minute all my coursework/assignments..more than 55 all together. I managed to finish my painstakingly long report (more like a thesis), went again to Genting and sat for the final exam. Stayed there for five days, had physical test
 (orang tua..nak test apa lagi..memang tak fit). My hubby and Aurora went with me, stayed there too because she had measles. Luckily I was given a  room,big enough for three of us. We were there for the first three days of Ramadhan and I was very thankful that Aurora's measles was under control there since it was very cold  in Genting so the red spots diminished quickly. I had nearly gone hysteric when I saw the red spots at first. My mind went berserk...dengue? She had this fever few days before and even with antibiotics it was still persisting. After my lecture we went down to KL and searched for a clinic. The doctor told me not to worry because he suspected it was just measles but just to be sure he advised me to have Aurora run a blood test. My was the first experience seeing my baby wrapped and had her blood taken for test. Only two drops but she cried  and screamed like mad. I cried too and begged the doctor...please make it quick. I could not stand listening to her screaming. Finally...the result was negative. It was just measles. Ya was a big relief. I can't imagine other parents with sick babies..really sick with major illness. Allah only tested me with minor sickness and still I was still inattentive and forgetful to His Compassion.

b)   My work. My bis boss is going for Mecca to perform Hajj. I will assume his post till he comes back. Thinking about that making me sick because the time he will not be in is the most crucial part in this office. I am worried but I have no choice. May be it is the best opportunity to practice whatever knowledge I have gained during my 5- months course. Just pray everything will be alright.

c)  My son has settled down with the new life as a university student. I am very thankful to Allah because finally he managed to get the MARA loan for his study. We filled up the form online and when I clicked the word SEND...few seconds later the website showed the happy words..Congratulations..He was offered a full loan and if he manages to maintain 3.5 pointer and above, the loan will be changed to scholarship. Now, it is up to him. I did my part as a mother, he has to do his. One thing that put pains in my heart is, a part in the online form needed me to fill up info about his real ex husband. Luckily I keep one copy of his IC. I had to fill up his info there because MARA wants to confirm whether the real dad was a bumiputera and IC number is imperative as a proof. I wonder what  if in future I have to get other things from my I don't even know where is he. He had stopped bank- in money for the kids along time ago even it is his responsibility. I wonder what if my daughter Ayuni wants to get married...where do I have to find him?

d)  My Aurora. She will soon reach 3 years old. A couple  of months. She developes more vocabs but still can't speak Malay words. I am really really REALLY worried. We speak to her Malay but somehow that Malays words do not stick to her mind.When she mentioned things, it will be English words. Sometimes she utters words which for me are considered big English words (for babies) such as "torchlight". It makes me happy but at the same time worried and wondered where have  her Malay words gone? I was thinking of referring  her to a speech specialist.. may be after Raya.

e)   About Raya. We will go down to KL to celebrate Eid. Later may be will go down south to Johor to my brother's home.I am in the process of coaxing my hubby.

Till then ....Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al- Mubarak..Thank You Allah for giving me a chance to be around..still..and with Your Grace we will be celebrating Eid in 10 days time.