Monday, June 6, 2011


Aurora and her big sister.

We celebrated my teenager's daughter's 14 birthday on June 3. I baked a cake,decorated it with some icing flowers..cooked special dinner of roasted chicken and presented her the birthday presents. Not so expensive but she was happy to get them.

My baby turns 8 months today...8 months..seems so fast and she is growing up steadily. Getting heavier and many new tricks..eats twice a day of porridge especially and lovingly cooked by her sister. I have trained my daughter to simmer the porridge and put some veges and little of anchovies..Aurora loves it so much..its a joyous moment feeding her..she opens her small mouth and quickly chews( no teeth yet) and opens her mouth again and again. I am so happy and content seeing her and my husband adores her so much. In fact we all do..

I planned to go somewhere this school holiday but traveling with my small baby pose a problem. I pity her to be uncomfortable during any drive anywhere especially long journey. She can't stand heat and nowadays it is very warm to be outside even just a few minutes. So we decided to stay at home and just go nearby places for shopping and eating out. Till later..