Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Time is running..

 I am counting the days.. Less than 100 days to go..

But then, the more I count the days, the less others seem to notice that I will be gone..soon

I keep getting more tasks.. more projects..more things to think about.. more responsibilities.. more heartache..

Sometimes I want to scream.. Please give me a break.. I cant take too many things at a time.. I am an old lady.. My mind of course can think but my body is tired.. I just want to let go.. The head needs to realise that I will not stay longer.. I need to be free.. Free of the last string that binds me to this office.. The place that reminds me of him.. The pain.. The suffering..

Please.. Let me go.. 

Wut.. 😭

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

The new day of the new year..

 I would like to thank Allah for giving me time, opportunity to set my feet in this new year.. Even though last year was a sad year for me with most of the time I felt really down, frustrated and broken hearted, somehow I managed to go through the days until now..

I would never forget the sad event but as my son Am told me.. Why should you forget? It would be futile.. You will waste your energy.. Yes, its true. Am said, just let the time passed by until the sad event was covered by many other events.. Some important, some not.. But all those events and stories would somehow make the pain less importance..less hurting..and may be, my heart will be not so much vulnerable towards him..I cried listening to his advice.. 

Now after a year, it was proven that Am was right.. 

My son, I adore you.. You will forever be my sun.. My saviour.. 

Till then..