Sunday, December 18, 2016

A little update..

Hi. I rush to scribble something here, just to make sure that the blog wont sleep for long like it used to. My life is full of activities and always on the move. I missed laying down on the bed after Subuh..missed having breakfast with hubby and Aurora except on weekends which for me is not enough. So last week I took 4 days off plus the weekends and public holidays to make a straight 7 days off. What a blessed days free from rushing..and driving.

We went back to Kelantan for 3 days..just to satify my craving of Kelantanese food. I didnot do shopping like others..just spending time meeting relatives and eating to fill belly with good food.

Then, this weekend we drove to KL on Saturday so we could attend my husband's nephew wedding. My sister in law requested a cake for the wedding  so I had to bake in on Friday, put the icing Saturday morning...went bringing the cakes to KL,stayed in hotel for one night..and this moring went straight to the wedding location to assemble the cake which later cut by the wedded couple..and thats it. My work is done..and that a little thing I could help my kind sister in law.

May the bride and bridegroom live happily ever after. Ameen.

Till then..
The bride and groom love

The cake..with blooms


My are so cute..