Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The results..

I finally got the results of the course I sat on for 5 months which started last February and finished up on July. I scored A with CGPA 4. With this results, I manage to get a Diploma. I was go grateful for all the efforts and hard work had paid. Thank you Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful..Thank you for helping me to go through the 5 months of heavy burden with a lot of sacrifices from me and family.

Thank you especially to my husband..who had faced a hectic life for half a year..driving me and the children up and down this peninsular..for my children...who understood and very supportive all along the way, friends...who had helped me many times doing assignments  and office mates...who had taken my workloads when I was not around. And to my boss who had believed in me..who had given me chance to prove myself..Thank you so much. Without all of you I could never survive.

To Am and children..even I (a mother, a wife, a worker..and old woman..with many drawbacks) could do could you. With perseverance and patient, one could face any challenge..and trust me, Allah is always fair.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kuantan trip..



We celebrated our birthdays there..our cake..homemade.

On the beach with her tools

Enjoying the wind..

My name written by hubby

In the pool

Mummy..the water is cool..

Pantai Batu rain

I was bed-ridden for two weeks due to my carelessness. That day I carried a heavy box from the car up to the meeting room. The next day the pain  on my Cesarean wound started..mild at first then later when I could not take it any more, I  cried. It was a severe pain like I was cut without anesthetic injection. I could not sleep for 2 nights..could not turn to the right or left..and worse, I could not even walk. It happened on Saturday and Sunday when all clinics closed down for weekend break.

The pain was exactly like the pain on  the day  I was conscious after the  Cesarean operation delivering Aurora. I was scared that the suture wound opened up inside but after a check up at the clinic on Monday the doctor had confirmed that the stitches were still intact but because of my fault carrying heavy things and being too active, the muscles there were torn. I was asked to stay in bed, eating soft food, wear girdle and not to do any work..even sweeping the floor. Luckily after 2 week I could walk as usual even though the pain is still there..only mild.

Last week after I recovered I booked to stay in a resort in Kuantan for 2 nights. Just to bring my children for a short break. Idham is preparing for his semester test and doing assignments so we could go  only the weekend and on Monday we had to send him back to Bangi for his afternoon class. We went to eat satar and fried squids in Kemaman and later had a seafood treat in Tanjong Lumpur, Kuantan. The food was nice and the children had a wonderful and enjoyable day in the hotel pool. While they were having fun in the pool, I had a body massage in the spa there. The holiday was short but fun.

We checked out on Monday after breakfast. Kuantan was cold and windy and the, it was very heavy at that time. Our journey was smooth but later when we reached KL, we heard the news that Kuantan was flooded and the next day it was completely covered with water. We were lucky to get out before the flood but the people in Kuantan are not so lucky since that they have to bear the burden of being stranded in relief centers and losing their valuables. I pray that the flood water would recede fast and they can return to their homes soon.

Till then..