Friday, February 14, 2020

She passed..

Yesterday I was busy. In the morning I visited one school. I was happy with the improvements and returned home feeling glad. Later that afternoon I was asked to go to an event on behalf of the big boss. There I met the wife of a very prominent person in this state. I was skeptical at first but she was humble and proved herself to be a very intelligent person..I enjoyed my meeting with her.

That afternoon I baked a cake ...a retirement cake for a staff who will retire today. And later my daughter called saying that she was on ETS already coming home. When she reached home, she was not in a very good mood..more like worrying...the results will be out tonight..and stressed because at midnight the ITMs exam portal would be jammed packed with students anxious to check the results.

I did not sleep well the whole night and woke up at 4.30 to icing the cake. Later I went inside her room and she murmured to me.."Mummy, I passed". I was so overjoyed.

Thank you Allah..Thank you..You answered my wishes..

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Meeting and meeting and .....

For many weeks I have all sorts of meeting for all sorts of agendas..I am tired..really tired. I drove every bottom, the west, the legs hurt every night. And next week till the end of the month, I will travel again for meetings and courses. I really need a break..not a short break..a long one..a retirement.

I have not visited my clients for so long..I miss them. However, I wonder do they miss me?

And I miss that much it hurts...