Friday, April 18, 2014

The saddest day..

Last Monday..14.4.2014
I started the day as usual. My boss was not around for 4 days so I was ready to take over the office during his absence. I noticed the date. I even mentioned to my clerk that the date was special, rarely come across. Only once a year. It never cross my mind that the date noted another saddest day in my life.

I got a call from my hubby around 2.00 pm. He asked me the usual question."Where are you?..I said " In my room, why?" He asked me to brace myself and quietly broke to me the bad news. My eldest sister, Yong passed away around 1.40 pm. I could not not believe it. She was not sick..well not seriously sick. Just feeling a bit of unwell but nothing serious. I could stop it. I cried. Went to call my colleague  and drove home crying. Many times during the red lights I wiped my tears because I could not see and thus could not drive.

We reached Sg Bakap around 5.30 pm. Just in time to watch my other sister and few others dried Yong's body after the bath. My tears dropped unstoppable and I did not bother to wipe them when I saw her face. She did not look dead, she was just asleep. Peacefully sleep.

It was a fast routine. They quickly finished their work and after the prayer, we followed the van to Bagan Dalam. There my niece waited at the Muslim Cemetery where my sister's body finally rested. The imam was about to finish his talkin when the mosque nearby called for  the Maghrib Prayer. I wished I could stay longer there, to speak to be with her for a while but we had to go...

Until now, even when  typing this entry I am crying. So many things to say but the words got stuck in my throat. Gone my sister..the sister who replaced my mom who had left us  many years ago. She was 54 and my mom was 57. Both had difficult life...suffered in marriages and both had no serious illness. My mother passed away performing sister passed away in her sleep...Both never had any last words for us..and both left us unexpectedly.

Ya Allah.. the Al-Mighty..
Truly I am sad. I have so many questions but only You know why they have to go early. Please  show them mercy. They have suffered for so long. Please forgive their sins and lend them peacefulness until they day when we will all come for your judgement. are deeply missed. Al-Fatihah...