Thursday, January 14, 2016

What matters most..

Its has been too long since the last time I posted something here.Happy new year to all. New age..but the same old person.

Many times I felt I have had experienced all in life. However sometimes things happened left a very stong and lasting bad feelings to me..until I could not sleep and rest.It is happening today.

My good impression and respect on soneone in high rank lost today. I had assumed those with authority..wise..and likes to talk about religous are supposed to be good delivering words and attitude..apparently some are not. Better those my gardener who sweat in the hot sun doing all those dirty job but still maintain respect and politeness when adressing people. Education
does not promise intelligent. And intelligent does not promise pure human heart. I had a bad experience but it opened my eyes.I do not have any power to demoralise any body but at least I have good mouth and my words do not hurt anybody..