Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How I wish..

2 things I wish for:

1. I am the person I was the first time I stepped into the new office..ignoring all and absorbing all...

2. To have the "care for nothing except myself" attitude..

Then..I will be happier..not like now..pathetically boring person..hurmm

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back to normal..

We started our journey to Jitra, hundreds of kilometers away from my home on Monday morning. Dropped by my sis's house in Sg Petani around noon for lunch and continued driving and finally reached the destination around 4 o'clock. I registered for the course first then immediately went to the home stay. It was a big and clean house and we were comfortable staying there.

Nevertheless,we were not really happy about the food there. May be we didn't find the good spot to eat but overall it was quite distressing finding good, satisfying restaurant for dinner. I didn't spend much time shopping since Aurora tagged along. It was difficult to find free parking lot and the weather was not helping either.

Back to work on Friday. Saw the person but I just ignored everybody all day long especially that person. I felt odd and really,really uncomfortable. This is very annoying..coz even until now I am still remembering..