Thursday, April 19, 2018

Making a move..

Life is changing fast..

It has been several months since I moved to this new work space. I had never doubted that life here would be easy. I knew it would be a new challenge for me, of course new people would deliver new new experiences.

So far, my life is not completely changed. The only thing that changes is the different approach in delivering ideas and giving help. Last time, it was a very close knit society with a focus to deliver the best and to expect the best from our clients - students. Now, my clients are the top administrators with focus of digging out the best from them so that they could give the best to their clients - students.

Through that process, of course I expected I would meet many people and would learn the true colors of human being. As been said by Spinoza in The Ethics ..." the submission to passion is human bondage but the exercise of reason is human liberty.." Yeah..many cases of human weaknesses. Sometimes human leaves me in awe..To this age, the 5 series, I should not be too surprised with human acts, attitude, personal attributes etc...but I do get surprises which making me asking I not experiencing enough in life? I have learnt something that is in many cases I am still naive easy to trust people..and I learn a BIGGER thing...that however good you are in anything, ALLAH The Almighty is the best planner.

Hurm...let time pass..lets be older and wiser. Let the six years flies quickly..

Till then...

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