Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Year..2019

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Last year I had tried my hardest to put as many entry as I least 2 entries per month. Writing is my passion but my time was occupied with work, behind the wheels, talking to many people, attending courses everywhere and doing house chores and sleeping..Seems that my abundance of ideas for writing mostly wasted..forgotten even sometimes some experience really touched deep inside my heart..some really making me cried and some were really left a very strong impression on my mind.

The new year has come..finally after much anticipations. Started with the month of October, me and my partner really slowed down our task. Most schools that we visited were busy with exams, year ends activities, dinners or special lunches held in hotels or restaurants, so we did not want to disturb the happiness of finishing one year of hard work by still visiting them when we were least expected. Even though  I stayed in my office, I still could not write. I did not know why but sometimes my mind wondered too far to the unreachable places and be dormant..unmoved. At home, I would not touch computer. I would rather grab my pillow and laid down. Well...old age is catching me fast.

Somehow here I am.At the end of January. I did not know how the days moved away to be today January the 30th. I hope it will be like this for the next 11 months and 3 years to by day till the day I say goodbye to my my service as a  government servant. May all my wishes come true..may we all in good health and we we will be closer to God, Allah The Almighty.

Till then..