Monday, November 5, 2018

My final decision...

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Help me Allah...let the time flies

I have been serving the nation for more than 28 years. I feel I am too old to continue working. I want to enjoy my my old days peacefully. However, thinking about my unfinished loans, my kids in universities, Aurora still young and her insurance still needs a long time to mature...all that making me forget the idea to retire. Even when my legs are giving me away, my eyes are blurring, my mind is screaming for rest..I still push myself to the fullest. I force myself to wake up from bed..get dressed and go to work. When I am in the office I manage to push away the boredom by doing my work..key-in the data, visit schools, coaching people and doing the paper works. On and on..Nevertheless, at home especially before my eyes close each night, I am counting..contemplating..thinking...of retiring..soon.

I woke up each night, and if my eyes refused to continue sleeping, I prayed..and prayed. In my pray, the most important thing I asked from The Al Mighty is to let me be free from loans..let me enjoy my self being an obedient servant..I want to spend more time praying rather than being busy with this world.

So one night after turning here and there and still my eyes could not close, I got up and prayed. I asked Allah..please show me the way..tell me what to to do it..lots of questions. Somehow, I felt I knew what to do. I began to seek information about the status of my call banks..and then I decided one thing. The thing that makes me feel lighter, as if a burden had been lifted up off my shoulder, and I feel happier.

I decided not to wait till the year of my pension. I would be able to manage my loans even if I retire early. 2 years earlier to be exact. pleased me so much because before I had a very unhappy time thinking that I needed to go to work for 6 more years. I decided to go for four more years before I call it a quit. 2022.

That's it. My two children would have finished universities...Aurora standard 6..and at least I would have 2 years to enjoy the old age. I hope. God's Bless.

Till then..