Sunday, June 7, 2015

Leaving home..

Since holding the new post, I am always busy. I seldom cook..we ate outside food almost everyday. I make it a point to cook on weekends but most of the time I spent time resting. Feel relive of not driving on weekends. I pity my family..they miss home-cooked food. Especially my hubby. He is not keen of food outside but he himself forbid me cooking after coming back from work which is around 6 everyday.

This new routine is tiring. I myself hate outside food. Sometimes I just fried some anchovies with onions and chilies..and thats my dinner "lauk" that accompany some white rice. I continued taking this "kedai" food until one day my stomach rebelled. It was a sad day because that morning  we recieved news that one of my staff passed away. She had cancer. I could still remembered the day I visited her. She kept saying that she was afraid she could not make it. Her cancer was getting fierce..I ordered my clerk to go fast in pursuing her form for medical board pension. I wanted her to feel secure leaving the family, the world with some money behind. Apparently, she could not make it..she died leaving everybody feeling at lost.

That morning I didnot take rice..had no mood. I had some fried ladies finger and a fish. That afternoon, during a formal occasion in a hall, my tummy began to rumble. I waited for the event to finish even I was unable to stand straight. I was sweating with cold sweat and immediately after receiving the scroll, I went to toilet and went out the hall. I walked to the gate waiting for my hubby..three times I stopped and vomitted. I vomitted all until late night. The next day until today..2 weeks after that day I still feel weak. I lost my appetite at all.

However, life runs as usual. The day came when Anduk has to leave home to begin her life as college student. She is offered Asasi for Law in UiTM Sg Petani..the course that she hoped for. She turned down the matriculation course because she does not like science. Its okay for us because she herself knows her limitation and her ability.

Om June 2, we sent her there. I cried in my heart. Even I want my children to stay with me but I cannot stop the time. They are drawing the new lives for them and even sad I am, I pray that they will be well and success in their future undertaking. I love you Anduk..and Am and my baby Aurora who is a gift from Allah to keep me company all along my way to old life.

Till then..
My latest cake..

The cactus blooms..rare occasions...welcoming me in new office

My Mother's Day card..from my baby..

She is posing...

Anduk..on her first day lecture..