Thursday, May 14, 2020

Loving SOMEONE who can NEVER be YOURS!

Loving someone who can't be yours is probably one of the most painful thing to experience. You keep yearning to be with that person, with the knowledge that you can make that person really happy, if only he will let you, that you are the perfect one, if only he will realize it. You love someone who is not YOURS and most likely someone else is like having that really really favorite food in front of you but at the same time knowing that if you take a bite, you'd get poisoned. It may be worth the bite but you know that you can never do it.

When you love someone who will never be yours, it will always be bittersweet. There may even be a point where you just want to not love him because it hurts too much, because you might want too much, more than what the other person can give. When you love someone who will never be yours, it is the ultimate sacrifice, you know he will never love you yet you can't stop loving him.

We may be made to believe that we can find happiness in others, but real happiness comes from within. It is in living without guilt knowing that we have not forsaken those who truly love us in exchange for those who just make us believe that we are loved. Don’t let the lure of getting what you want take away what you already have.

It’s true that most of us willfully consent to what we see as right in our eyes. Like careless drivers , we follow the dictates of our hearts and stubbornly become slaves to our own feelings and desires. We fail to think rationally and blindly ignore the ” red stop light” that warns us of peril ahead . We may have been victims of ignorance but when the truth is finally revealed to us , we still choose to remain nonchalant and care less about the consequences of our actions. 

Loving someone with all our hearts is not all that it takes to make a relationship last. Even if we prove our worth in many ways, seen and unseen, we still cannot be given a guarantee of permanence and loyalty in our relationships. 

Even in our best effort to keep our bonds strong and steadfast, there are just times when we have to accept that not all relationships are meant to last. Loving someone doesn’t always mean that were are going to be loved in return. Being faithful doesn’t always mean that your partner will always be true to you. Getting into a relationship is always a risk. There is just no guarantee that it will work the first time, or even the second or third time, if there will be any. Sometimes, love means having to say goodbye to someone you would have wished to become one with. Sometimes, love means getting hurt and being broken into pieces.

God always puts a red stop light along our journey to remind us that we are going to hurt ourselves if we stubbornly step on the gas and move on. But he doesn’t put a physical barrier to keep us in place . In the end , it is still our choice, based on our own free will to stop what is wrong and move on with what is right.

When you love someone who can't be yours, you stop loving yourself.

♥ Lablabs ♥

I read and reread the last sentence..its true. I do not love my self..

Till then..