Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life goes on..

It has been ages and ages long..some how I have lost my interest to write in my blog. Not because I did not have time but my time was spent more on resting and doing the routine...going to work, come home cooking, reading, playing with my baby..and sleep till next morning.

Life is the my girl is at home, finished her exam and now busy practising her guitar and attending her music classes. I want her to be more active in home skills but it does not interest her..she cooks when given instructions but that's it..The initiative to do things on her own still far fetched..hmm..

Am is doing well in his study. He scored good results for all three semesters and gained him dean's lists. I really hope he could score better results so he might get an offer to do degree in Japan or to French.

My work..hectic as usual. My old boss had been transferred and his place was filled up with a lady boss. A phobia for me..and I am not happy going to work every day. I miss my old boss..even not always in school but at least he was more compassionate and more understanding. This lady boss is very demanding and has a very sharp tongue.. I am trying my best to keep calm and pray hard to get my promotion as soon as possible. love. She is getting taller and becomes an expert in using computer. She had started schooling..kindergarten..just a walking distance away from home..seems to enjoy herself with new life. I was very surprised when she only shed a little tear on her first day to school. She is very brave and has positive attitude. She makes me proud.

Life is a constant test. I am doing my best every day and I could only thank Allah for every things I have now. True..I fell sick many times in this new year..I had just recovered the latest illness for few days. Medicine does not cure..I have learnt that the only cure of my physical and emotional distress is in Allah's Hand. I rest my soul in His and only His blessing I seek..

Till then..

The flower in my heart blossoming...

Breakfast in school..

Too tired to stand..after zoo outing..

My loves..Lumut outing