Friday, May 25, 2012

Long way to go..

My 100 th Entry!

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School holiday has started. Meaning 'jalan time' for us. Sunday, we are going back to Kelantan for a kenduri..and on the second week of the school holiday we will travel down to brother's house. My father is staying with him and not feeling well so we thought this is the best time to start a long journey and spend some time with my other siblings. That is fair then..going to Kelantan (my husband hometown) first, then later to Johor to visit my family. I really hope Aurora will be fine with this travels..Pity her to be trapped in a small compartment for many hours. However we are going to take time to stop and get rest.

Actually I have a lot to say here..many things had happened this couple of weeks. My life at work seems working out just fine. I spend time doing my work  quietly in my room..just going out for breakfast and lunch. Most of the time alone. I feel better..and I don't feel lonely. I don't gossip much then..and I don't speak much too.

I  spent hours baking and browsing through the net to study cake decorating. Thinking of attending classes for the latter. I am looking for the suitable place to match with my limited free time. Aurora is more independent now so I can leave her for a while with my husband while me attending classes.

Hope every thing will work out and we are going to have a safe journey. Till then..

Net and LW..when will u both travel up..I am waiting..hehhe


Monday, May 21, 2012


My husband got a late call that Saturday night. Thought that it was just another crank call (unknown number), he ignored it. He went out early to the car workshop to fix the car lower arms cause it caused the tyres to be unstable and sounded funny every time the car hit potholes. At the workshop he received another call. This time he picked up the phone. His mother passed away..late the night before. He couldn't move because the car was still needed to be fixed. He called his friend and that noon he traveled back to Kelantan. He could not bring us along coz he wanted to go home as fast as he could and children would make  it impossible.

However, they couldn't wait for him. They had buried his mother that noon itself. He missed to see her for the last time. I could not say was a sad moment of his life. Al-Fatihah for my mother-in-law.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Promoted..and planning

Last Friday I was called to attend a ceremony where I was given a promotion. The long waited promotion..which promises bigger allowances and pay. Thank God..I am so thankful. The extra income will come in handy and will be very crucial when my children further their studies anywhere..I need to work harder and save more for them.

My sister and I have planned  to visit my brother in Johor this coming school holiday. Hope every thing will run smooth and the plan works out. Can't wait for the holiday to come.

Until then..


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all..

Trying to put new entry many times..sometimes halfway typed..but then stopped coz of many other important things to take care. At the moment, Aurora is sleeping peacefully, my husband who is waiting for the 2 am football game, making a toast ( lapar la tu) daughter has gone to bed early and I too had gone to bed but got up again, took ventolin for my asthmatic..and now while waiting for the pill to take effect, writing my latest entry.

I am wishing every mother Happy Mother's Day. And even you are not yet become a mother, you still have a mother to remember, to cherish, to send Al-Fatihah is she isn't around anymore, and if you are still lucky, you can always go home, hug her and kiss her or at least call her and say I Love You Mum..

The last photo of mak..2 weeks before she passed away in Mekkah performing Hajj.
Mak..Ju sayang mak..sayang yang tidak dapat disebutkan lagi dengan mak berada di hadapan Ju. Walau mak sudah 12 tahun pergi, Ju tak pernah rasa mak meninggal..Ju rasa mak hilang saja di Mekkah sana. Satu hari Ju juga akan sampai di sana melawat mak..dan Ju juga ingin sekali dikuburkan di sana bersama mak. Semoga Allah mengampunkan segala dosa mak dan meletakkan mak di kalangan orang beriman. Moga satu hari itu dapat menghilangkan kerinduan Ju pada mak. Sekarang Ju bahagia mak, seperti doa  mak dulu. Terima kasih mak kerana telah berkorban segalanya buat Ju. Terima kasih juga kerana Ju baru faham betapa kasihnya mak pada kami semua seperti Ju mengasihi setiap orang anak Ju. Terima kasih mak..

Al- Fatihah...


Sunday, May 6, 2012

19 love

My Love..Nur Aurora Johanna

I nearly forgot that today marks Aurora 19 month's birthday. She is on lying her small mattress now, her small pillows and her 'selimut bucuk' accompany her watching  tv. The house is quiet, the father is away sending the elder sister for tuition..the brother is in the hostel whom we will visit this afternoon. She is lonely..

She is better now and I am so relieved. The only thing is, she is lacking her appetite to eat. I have been looking for any delicious baby food recipes in the Internet and tried few but they did not really bringing back her mood to eat. I will continue looking and trying.

19 months already. I am enjoying every single moment she is with me. While driving coming back from work,I would smile alone thinking about her waiting for me at home. I am sorry if my statements of loving Aurora so much sounds so pathetic but I can't help falling in love with her every day.

The day I went to scan for the first time I was sceptical. My husband didn't even have the confidence that the fetus would have the heartbeat. Twice miscarriages before the third pregnancy making us ready to hear the bad new..that there would be no heartbeat, that I would loose the fetus..again. My husband waited outside, while I was inside the scan room. I shut my eyes tightly, refused to look at the screen...then Doctor Anim said " Look, the heartbeat is here." pointing at the flicking  image on the  screen. Yes, there were the eyes watered and the tears dropped on my cheek. Thank You Allah...thank you. Then the doctor asked the nurse to call my husband in. He came in..pale looking..and when he saw the beat..and when the doctor told him that the fetus would survive, he was speechless. However, in the car I saw his eyes were red. He too was crying..relieved..

Now, the fetus had turned into a baby..cute little one..changed our whole world...making us the happiest parents in the universe.. all because of You, Allah. Thank You so much.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fever and never ending story...

RV with cream cheese
The day before she got fever..still smiling
Hurry..pick me up..pleaseee
My love..fever
I let her go with only her diapers on..a bit okay now

It has been quite long time I did not write. I was very busy with Aurora having fever and cough ( it was like the third world war erupted in the house every time we had to give her medicine..crying and wailing..struggling to make sure the liquid gets in her small mouth). She whimpered and wanted to be carried everywhere. I was also busy with last minute orders, and busy with my own ailment..cough..a month already. I went to the doc asking for antibiotic and a different cough syrup. Then following my cleaner lady's advice, I also took a spoonful of soy sauce, drops of lime juice and some honey mixture. I am better now. Thank God.

Aurora is thinner. She is lacking appetite to eat..pity her. Luckily, she still drinks her milk so I am not that worried. But I miss her chatter..her sweet smile..I hope she will get better as I don't want her to loose so much weight.

My ex colleagues have been contacting me..and reporting to me the never ending stories of my previous boss. Frankly, I have lost words. It would be the same miserable story all the time. I wonder how long would my friends could stand having a non-human boss orders them every time. They wanted to talk to me so I will make myself free next Tuesday. I can't do much. I can just listen. After all, I truly understand when people are sad they just want a friend to listen. That's what I will do.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The trip to KL

It was a memorable day for us. We had always traveled down to Kl, but last weekend was special. We got trapped several times due to Bersih 3.0 roadblocks but finally managed to get out from KL to down below to Windsor Height.

I finally met in person the two people whom I have communicated through internet..frankly they are beautiful people. What I mean here is they are warm, friendly and my host had done everything to make us feel welcomed. The food is delicious and the parting gifts were fabulous. You are so kind LW and I am scared that I could not do the same to you if you are really coming down to my humble home.

Later we went to Bangi for some errant..then to Gombak to see my in-laws. We finally reached home at 1 o'clock in the morning. Too tired to cook anything special for Am. The father sent him back to his hostel in the evening and the house was quiet with only Aurora making noise playing with her toys.

In short, I was really happy meeting new least I forgot the dreading days going to work this week. Thank you friends..hope to meet you again..soon.