Saturday, April 11, 2015

New life..same old person I am

On March 3, I was asked to meet the Director General of State Education Department to receive a letter of promotion. I did not sleep that night. So many feelings..but mostly scared to death. I knew that letter was going to change routine, my career, my life.

When I had the letter in my hands and when announced the location of my new office, I nearly cried when thinking how would I cope with driving more than 100 km everyday to my new office. I panicked for a while. However, I was still lucky because some of my friends ( only 5 of us) were sent much far away than me. Some needed to rent a house or room. I was still lucky since that my house was very near the highway. Around 35 minutes drive after Subuh prayer, I reach my destination every day.

It is a new life alright. Too many things to do until I did not have enough time to cook. I come home late every day and when reach home I collapse and after Isyak I am so happy that I can rest my tired body next to Aurora. And the next morning, I start my journey again.

However, I am still the same person. I do not change. I still hold to my life principals and attitude. To me, promoted or not I still do my work and do the best. Thank you Allah and please help me to go along this new post.

My kids are doing well. Andok is now working in a gift shop while waiting for any offer to further her study. Am is doing great with his study routine. My hubby need to be more at home taking care of Aurora since I come home late. And my sweet baby, my love, my reason for coming home..Aurora, she is growing up..cheerful, always smiles and says "I love you Mummy..". That is enough. I am happy.

Till then.
And she loves to pose

Am and Andok

The playgound..

I love her cheek...

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