Friday, May 31, 2019


This is a flight of my life..
I know it will not be smooth since I am holding a variety of posts..the Captain..the stewardess..the mechanic..the traffic controller..even the boarding pass or ticket officers. I am.

For my entire life, never ever I am facing the strongest and most crucial turbulence now. A different one..For many years I am an avid reader in  a group dealing with marital affairs..conflicts..For many times also, I did ask my self why do I like to read all this craps..I am not going to experience them, so why and why should I  I like to read them?

Actually the reading habit is actually preparing me for this..

Of all my knowledge and experience, this really knocks me down into the drain..

O God The Almighty, please help me to get this over. I am helpless without your help. I need you help because now I am suffering ..