Sunday, November 20, 2011

I did it!!

Last Thursday I went to meet 2 important person and I said it all. The first person was quite understanding. He listened and only asked a few questions here and there. However the second person apparently had been fed formerly with some wrong information which made me difficult to tell him the truth. This made me miserable. I strongly disagree to the fact that he was bias when giving a statement. He was not in my place and by listening to only one side of story made him a lousy administrator. I wonder why this world is full with these groups of people..worse when they hold higher positions in any organization. No wonder my state is one of the lowest achievers...

And yesterday I received an important news. The movement has started. One of my colleagues has received news that she will be moved to another office. I am sad until today since she was not happy to be transferred and me too. Nevertheless I knew it has to happen because the situation has become under control and I had no choice. Now I am waiting for other movements which for me are critically needed to save this organization. I know I am not the the first boss but whatever I did is for the sake of this office. I had to even I hate to do it. And that's why I despise politics.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I am really frustrated..

If only I can get the person who wrote the the letter..I will show her (definitely it is a she)..who is the boss!

I will act with wisdom..I will wait..I will know who is that..then that person will get it from me..I promise she will get a full blow from me..just wait!