Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel again..goodbye Anduk..

Started from last Sunday until yesterday, we traveled to several places. My car was on the move since that day and I think if it could speak, it would scream of fatigue. On Sunday we followed  6 other families of my old office colleagues to spent the holidays at Kamalodge near Bukit Larut Taiping. We spent the day by having lunch at Mak Jah's Mee Udang and dinner at Kuala Gula which is popular with crab dish.The later was not that good and the service was very slow. My husband went out again that night buying food from the fast food restaurant.

After breakfast the next day, Aurora spent nearly two hours in the pond. My husband took her out from the water before she turned blue.  Of course, with a lot of tantrum he managed to pull her out, wrapped her in towel, I hugged her close and fed her with warm milk and then she was okay.

We checked out and went to our separate ways. Me and my family went around the town, had lunch at Doli's Kueyteow. The rest of my friends either did some shopping or went straight home. Later we went to visit my dear friend, Mani, who stays  in Taiping. The night before I called her up asking her whereabouts. She was at home and gave a shocking news. She is down with a stroke. Eye stroke to be exact. She is seeing double visions. Her right eye is having the problem now. I was so sad seeing her like that. Her brother brought her back from Sentul because she is alone there.

We came back  that afternoon. When I reached home, immediately I began to pack Ayuni's bags and things. Everything was packed nicely and to be put into the car the next day, Tuesday, for that day she would register at her new school in Bagan Datoh.

So, yesterday, we started from home at 8 a.m and reached Bagan Datoh two hours later. Finished everything around 4 p.m. And it was the time to say goodbye. All the time I controlled my emotions coz I didn't want to show my sadness to her. We hugged and my voice got stuck in my throat and followed by my tears running down my eyes. The father stayed inside the car, refused to look. He was sad too but I lost control.

All along the way home I cried in the car. My husband failed to console me. I went to bed early, started to miss her in the morning, during my morning cooking session and in the car to go to work. I dropped my neighbour's daughter in Ayuni's old school and when she kissed my hand before going out of the car, immediately my tears dropped again. Truly, I miss my girl Anduk..Even at this moment. It is so hard for me..The older I get, the more I need them around..Somehow I have to bear by day.

I know, Net, I have to..I have to.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long way up the north..

My body is aching. My limbs are hurt,  my legs cramped, my head is spinning..and my mind can't stop thinking..

We reached home near 10 p.m last night from Jitra. We started from home around 5 a.m ( I managed to prepared simple breakfast for the kids, packed everything nicely ) and off we go and reached Jitra around 8 a.m. I dozed off once in a while with Aurora sleeping next to me and my husband driving alone, quietly. I went for an interview which I half-heartedly attended..just to follow my boss's order. Whatever happens after this, let the things happen..then I decide. I am too tired to think.

Later after the interview,  we went to Padang Besar. Just jalan-jalan ( jalan-jalan yang menghabiskan my husband said). Quiet true. Hehe..just to realese my stress..

Last weekend when my two friends came all stress had  gone. We chatted and  ate as much as we could..without any guilty feeling..hehe..Now after they went home, the stress come back. Meaning we have to have this makan and chatting session as many time as possible because it managed to relax me.. ( right, Net and LW?)

I do not wish to make any entry about their visit. Actually I feel shy because Net have spoken too high about me and my cooking. I was just too happy they made an effort to come down to my humble home and I am glad that the relationship is stronger and can be realistic even though we first know each other through the Internet. Come again my friends...I am waiting.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming down..and going away

My friends are coming down from KL..hurayyy..I am so happy. I am really looking forward to meet them. I would like to offer humble apology if my house and my hospitality are not as good as you would have expected my friends, ...I am just a kampong folk. We are just excited that both of you are willing to come over to this rural area. Hope we will have fun and the visit will not be the first and the last. Hehe..

My girl Ayuni has received the offer to go to SM Sains Bagan Datoh. Her teacher called and asked me to check in the net. I went home with mixed feelings...letting her go or asking her to stay and forget the offer. I went to sleep early but later woke up around 3. My husband was also up. We chatted quietly about my feelings...truly, I am not happy. I don't want her to go. The only reason for this...that I will be lonely. I didn't say this to my husband but I guess he could read my feeling. He teased me saying that I will loose a team member..and he gains one ( Idham is at my husband has a chat friend now). When he said this, almost immediately tears began running  down my cheek. I know he was just teasing but I was so sad that Ayuni is going. Nevertheless, I know she is a big girl already..and I will have to let her go. Its for her own good. Even though she will be away for only two years, I realize that my children have started moving out...and later they will be far away from me. And thinking of that idea is  making me even more sad..

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So much to say..and so little time.

Assalamualaikum and hi to all..

I had abandoned the blog for nearly two months. For my friends who are concern of my well-being and wondering of my silence, please accept my humble apology. I am okay..except a few times when I really felt not well. Now I am monitoring my food intake and try my very best not to miss my medication. Many times I tried to log in my blog but the free time was finally spent resting or just watching Aurora playing. For my followers..even just a few..I am sorry for not following back your blogs. I could not spend too much time watching the laptop screen to read your blog's entries..but every time I do, I really enjoy them.

Now, let's do some latest updates of my family members and friends and office life. Too many things happened within these few months so I can't write or analyse them in details. Maybe later I would write more, if I have the time.

1) boy..a young man growing his moustache..after finishing SPM..just staying at home..starting his new work next Monday. It is good for him because he has been lazying at home and he is anxious to go to work as soon as possible. He is also taking a driving lesson.

2) now a form 4 student in the same school. She got 8As in the PMR and now is waiting for any offer to any boarding school, which I am not really sure I would let her go, if she gets one. One thing I am sure about is, I would miss a chat friend if she is not around..She is also taking a guitar her PMR present.

3)    My is busy painting the exterior of the house. He has caught the neighbourhood's
fever because almost everyone around my housing area had spent the school holiday painting or renovating their houses. Now the virus has caught my husband too...and he is very much engrossed in his new task. I just watch..hehe.

4)    My siblings..they are busy running their lives..some unhappy stories but I will tell them later.

5)    Kak Nor, my ex baby-sitter called me a few weeks ago when I was cooking lunch. She told me a very bad news which left me speechless and I had to sit down. She is having lung cancer..stage 4.. I cried and rushed that very night to see her. True..she is very much in thin and fragile. I called her again yesterday and I was glad she has started her chemo.

6)   My office and my job...still hectic as usual. My boss is trying his best to coax me applying for the top him. I gave him many reasons not to accept. I don't know until when I can say no. I am lacking energy and sometimes I was so demotivated to got to work. I spent a lot of money to buy new clothes, shoes..just to make me happy to go to work. Sounds pathetic..I know.

7)   Last..but not dearest..She is 27 months old already. A big girl with a noisy chatter. She could utter few more words..counting two..six..nine only. Hehehe...she says 'where you go' every time when she is looking for something..calling her big her name Awawa Ana...(Aurora Johanna) which makes us laugh. I am so happy and blessed seeing her growing up well, eating well...running here and there and screaming loudly calling mak..mak every time I come home. Truly..she brings so much joy to all of us..especially to me.

Until then..enjoy some of her photos.

In cable car to Genting..she is nervous.
At the beach..Penang

The first time playing with the sand..