Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday to my son..

Within a few hours time, Am will turn to be  a 19 years old young man. Thinking about that, I discussed with my hubby that tomorrow we will visit him in Bangi. This year we have not bought any present yet but we had something in mind to buy for him. Its a big thing, so we need to take sometimes to deal with the purchasing process. Still, we will bring him out for birthday lunch, just to spend time together, to show to him how much we love him and we do not forget him or his birthday.

Muhammad son, I think you know we have so much hopes on you. You are our only son so we have nurtured you with so much love and compassion. We have given you the best education we could, the caring, supportive and loving family so that you could study in calm. And I have given you a father and two sisters who love you so much beyond words.

My son..year by year, you have grown up to be a humble, simple, quiet and a passionate young man. My life used to be in a mess, but you and your sisters had never been a burden or a problem to me. Instead, all of you are my source of happiness and calmness. All the time, you have given me strenght to push forward and to excel in life. True, I had a hard time during pregnancy, delivering but all of you  have never been the difficult children to be raised up. All the time, you have made me the proud mum ever by being an obedient, sweet, helpful, clever and the most important is to be the medicine to heal my past wound. You are the best gift granted by Allah to me. And for that I thank you so much for giving me so much unconditional love, being understanding  and be comforting all along my way.

Be a good man, my son. Be a good muslim, a caring brother to your sisters, an obedient son to your ayah, a loyal and loving man to your- wife- to- be, and Insyallah I have never missed praying for you. Mak redha setiap apa yang mak beri pada Am daripada setiap titik susu mak sejak Am lahir sehinggalah sekarang...apa sahaja....masa, material atau kasih sayang. Mak sayangkan Am sepenuh jiwa raga mak..moga Am berjaya dan bahagia di dunia dan di akhirat.

Thank You Allah for giving me these beautiful children..

Happy Birthday Am..

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