Saturday, October 7, 2023

A reminiscence

Thirteen years ago, my husband drove me to Ipoh for my doctor's appointment due to my pregnancy. I took a week off prior to my maternity leave because I was so big and panting every time I walked. I was due in 2 weeks time.

The appointment was in the afternoon so we went to have lunch at nearby cafe. While waiting for food to be served, I felt a cramp on my tummy. I told my husband but he was really ignorant and had no idea of why. 

After lunch we went to see doctor and he was surprised looking at the result. He asked me for how long I had this stomach cramp. I said few days already. My God, he said I was already in labour!

To cut short, at 9 pm that day, I delivered a healthy 3.4 kilos baby by cesarean section. And today we are going to celebrate her 13 years birthday. Seem like ages but I could still remember her sweet heaven smell when I hugged and kissed her for the first time.

I love you my seewty pie.. And forever I will. 

Till then


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