Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Am has flown away..


                    Bye Mommy.. 😭

Finally, after months of preparation of visa, the officials of the university, the accommodation there (they are really professional and helping) the heartache dealings with the sponsorships ( it is a shame.. Far from being professional) .. Am had actually flew from KLIA last night together with 3 friends to Amsterdam. After touching down at Schiphol Airport, they will take an hour trip train to IHE Delf. They will be quarantined for at least 5 days and on the 21 October they will have the first class. 

Anakku Am.. 

I am proud of you, not to say I am not proud of Anduk ( she has started working in KL.. very independent girl she is).. And I am sad..because he has gone far away from me..too far to visit him frequently.. 

Study hard there and take a good care of your self.. Remember your task as a Muslim, as a student and as our son.. 

We are missing you and we love you so much. 


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