Friday, October 29, 2021

I am going..



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Last week I talked to my boss. I asked him a direct question. Who would be taking my position as the head of our post? Simply he told me who. As expected. So next I told him that it would be good if that person starts to be leader, and release me. Its high time for somebody to take charge and I am ready to go from this office. He agreed. I am almost free now.

This last few months, I wake up every day counting. However, sometimes I had this thought that what would I do if after retirement I feel bored and lost my direction? Would I regret my decision to retire early? Would I still be busy and be active? Will I be happy?

To the questions above, I let them to be in Allah provision. HE decides what would happen to me and HE decides what is the best for me. I surrender my self to HIM and I truly believe HE is always there to help me in any way possible.

As for my kids, Am is settling down living in the cold climate country. His leg hurts again after a lot of walking here and there. In order not to giving stress to his legs, he bought a bicycle.. and a rice cooker because rice there is quite expensive. He started class already and began to do assignments. 

Anduk, she is enjoying her work in the bank and has no problem commuting by LRT back and from office every day. She has no problem renting a room even it is small but  comfortable.

And me... 

Looking forward to the day... when every thing stop and cut. And I will proceed to my next chapter of life. 



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