Tuesday, January 23, 2024

New year.. New hope..

The year 2024 had begun 23 days ago.. Even though it's almost a month already, I still want to wish Happy New Year to all my silent readers. There is no need to say anything after reading any article in this blog because I keep highlighting interesting things happening on my life here for me.. My self.. As I travel this long and winding road of my life.

Am had finished his Viva before December ends. He passed and that wrapped up his Master class for good. After 2 long years it gave us a relief especially to his mother. Immediately he began sending his CV everywhere even at IOI City Mall looking for job. He attended a lot of interviews online and offline desperately secure him money to pay rent and living expenses. Luckily I finished his car instalment after I retired.

Finally, last week he got a job.. Near his rented house and this job is suitable with his qualification.. Mechanical engineer.. I thank Allah The Greatest for this happy news. I am finally at peace for almost all my dreams are fulfilled.. Except for some of my personal wishes.. 

O Allah The Almighty..

Only You knows me.. Only You helps me all these years.. I am supposed to retire this year but You helped me to take the jump and retired early.. I have enjoyed my self and help those needed my help.. Now I look forward to be closer tu You than ever.. 

Alhamdulillah.. Thank You Allah


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