Sunday, March 31, 2024

Al Qadar..

 I am resting after prayer, waiting for Asar when the rain came down.. Heavy rain is such a blessing and relief for the heat is so intense during this fasting month.

We just came back from visiting my children in Kajang. Spent 3 nights at Am's home.. Cooking and breakfasting with them since they could not come back to Tapah. Am is working even on Saturday and Ayuni too went to her office to finish her work loads. So, I stayed at his unit with hubby and Aurora.. Cooking for breakfasting. It's not comfortable cooking in such a tiny kitchen without proper utensils but I managed. And I was glad that the kids silently with gusto finishing the food I cooked. 

The count down looking and searching and waiting for Al Qadar has started. I can't tell with words how I long to be granted the Al Qadar night for so many many years. 

O Allah The Almighty.. 

Please.. Grant me health and strength to do as many as possible night prayers and Quran recitation.. I really aim of finishing Quran this Ramadhan.. I do not know if I will be given a chance next year.. Help me O Guidence.. And give me peace.. Let me fulfill my duties before I leave this world.. 


Ya Rabbal Alaminn.. 


    Jacob is fasting too.. 😁💕😀


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